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In-Depth V2 E-Cigarette Review – Unbiased Electronic Cigarette Consumer Reviews


V2 Electronic Cigarette Review


Quick Tip – ECCR (Electronic Cigarette Consumer Reviews) thoroughly tests all products before reviewing. We deliver completely unbiased opinions, and only bring to you, what we believe are the top brands in the e-cigarette industry.

You’ll receive the v2 electronic cigarette kit in a large standard magnet flip-top box. Opening it, you will find v2 gives you a packet of coupon tickets with a discount code. (We’re assuming this is only one of their ways of offline promotion, but there’s some goodies in there for you too!)

The long battery may last longer, but it’s REALLY long. You will definitely want to swing by the website and take a look for yourself. The V2 long battery is enormous. It’s definitely not a fashion statement. The long battery lasts approximately 150-175 puffs. Considering the length of the long battery, we were honestly expecting a lot more. The standard battery (small) provided a disappointing 85-120 puffs.

Highlight of the v2 cartomizers are the flavors. You’ll love the flavors v2 has to offer. However, cartomizers provide approximately 125-175 puffs. We found the life of the cartomizers disappointing. After all, they are definitely heavily promoted. We must also mention nicotine satisfaction drops off a bit too after around 50 puffs.

The price for the V2 kit, is a good value, but it does not top the charts. In the event you’d like more information about V2 e-cigs, or would like to see images of the product. Please visit the website.

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  1. Yes, for one, the Green Smoke battery lasts 300-400 puffs, about 6-8 hours of use. Also, their cartomizers last about the same amount of puffs. You can see their review and a lot of others in our top 10 on our website. 🙂

  2. The long battery manual with a liqua max tank works great for me but truly shines with their power cig, their cartomizers will last till their done and have much better flavors than with the battery will give to you.

  3. their liquid is chinese made though, for people that are worried. Honestly the chinese facilties i have seen, you could eat off the floor they were that clean. But i prefer to get my juice locally from pink spot, all US made in house at their store, and factory here in vegas. Taste better.

  4. Have you tried the new EX series with the designer styles? I just ordered the Bloom style. It is going to be my first ecig ever. I love the looks, but I'm a little concerned that someone reviewed it and said it was hard to draw the vapor out–as in you had to really draw on it hard. I'm hoping I didn't make a mistake.

  5. I would like to add that one out of 10 cart. is bad. I love my V2 but I had gone to a Kanger EVOD I like it better!

  6. RE: Battery life. 1-2 X per week you have to 'troubleshoot' them. Swab the threaded end with alcohol, then suck on the end until the LED comes on. The results are less charge time and longer battery life. I love the 'Sahara' brand, tastes like a regular cig and has a 'nutty' aftertaste. Buy the clear, refillable cartomizers and juice for the best results. No, I'm not a company shill, just a satisfied consumer.

  7. If you recharge your cartos with e-liquid, a manual battery is a better choice.  Dripping liquid down an automatic can kill the battery.  Manual batteries are sealed better.

  8. I'm wondering if I could use a cartomizer from Premium Vapes on the batteries from V2. Because I've heard that the V2 batteries are better but I'm more interested in the Premium Vapes flavours.

  9. I've been using V2 ecigs since August 2011 and haven't smoked an analog(real cigarette) since! I love their product, not a huge fan on the flavors but overall, it's a pretty solid ecig. I'd advise anyone considering quitting smoking for vaping to start with V2. I personally prefer using their liquimax blanks versus cartridges because they provide more vapor production and you can use whichever eliquid you prefer. The liquimax is great also because you can see how much juice is left in it. Since 2011, I've tried many types of ecigs, cartridges, eliquids etc, V2 is my favorite company because their customer service is superb! Reps are knowledgable and friendly all of the time. I use the standard size automatic battery. Just ordered and received a cool new pink battery that I'm sure other female vapers will love too 🙂 Thanks for posting this very informative review on this product, I hope anyone considering quitting smoking and switching to vaping will do so ASAP! V2 is the best company to start with.

  10. i love the flavors. Use coupon code: "didyouknow" and ill save you some money when you purchase anything from v2 ^_^

  11. I stopped using tobacco products on February 22 2014. The V2 e-cig satisfied my nicotine cravings immediately. V2 is the best e-cig I have tried

  12. went from blu to south beach and now v2. this Is the best so far. great vapor and cola is a great flavor. nice kit. good battery life

  13. I've been watching a lot these out curiosity and Halo seems to be the best in cost. Green Smoke is great but the cartomizers are costly. Halo wins for me. cost affective and cartomizers are refillable and they have mini tanks too if you feel like using a little tank now and then.

  14. Halo has a G6 Hemp Necklace that holds their e-cigs I saw a review where a lady bought one of these and she's washed in her washer several times and comes clean and looks brand new again. pretty cool. it holds their G6 E-cig

  15. Hi, thanks for the review! I have a V2 from I want to say 2012 maybe even a little older. So it's back when the manual was better, and that's what I used for a while due to the bigger hits. Now 2 years later I'm wondering if I should buy more cardimizers for the outdated version, or if I should get a new brand altogether. I smoke about a half a pack of camel 99s a day. I think one reason I gave up on the v2 was because I initially ordered vanilla without trying the tobacco flavor, and I'm thinking I might need to at least start with something as close to a cigarette as possible in order to increase my chances of sticking with it. If you could point me in the right direction I would really really appreciate it! I need something that is similar to a camel 99, I do like the burning sensation in my lungs and throat but I realize that I might need to get over that mentality/preference to eventually stay off cigarettes altogether. Thanks for listening!

  16. I've got a 30watt mod vaping 12mg liquid. I'm looking at this so I don't bother people at work and because it's smaller and easier to carry with me when I go to places like Walmart or the mall etc. would you recommend the v2?

  17. Boring day so I'm watching cigalike vids lol but my problem with the 2 videos I've watched on this channel is he's always saying "that's what makes us different here we actually review, we go in depth, we give you stats…" Listen when viewers are wanting a product, we watch more than just one review on it so don't slam other people or their channels or their reviews, not that you said any specific names but don't act like your the only one out there with detailed reviews. Indoorsmokers, rip trippers, Grimm green, suck my mod, vaping with twisted 420, etc. there are plenty of people out there with better reviews that are half the time of your vids.Not that time is a factor that viewers are too worried about, and Your not a bad reviewer but you act like your out here goin through hell to give a mediocre review. Just review the products damnit don't bash or brag, cause compared to a few names I just mentioned, people really subscribe to here like you seem to think.

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