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Indian Train Simulator Android Game Review


Google Play link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.HighbrowInteractive.IndianTrainSim

Indian Train Simulator Is a Great Game for Sim Enthusiasts

Simulators are a great way to immerse yourself in another world without leaving the comfort of your chair. From planes to trucks and even farming, it seems like there’s a simulator for pretty much every mode of transportation available.

Train simulators are no different, and Indian Train Simulator is a new game by Highbrow Interactive that takes you on gorgeous scenic rides through India’s landscape.

Indian Train Simulator is the most recent installment of train simulators by Highbrow Interactive. Knowing that they have plenty of experience with this type of game, I had high expectations for this one to be just as good as the rest. The verdict? It’s an awesome game that certainly doesn’t disappoint.

One thing I really like about Indian Train Simulator is that players can customize the gameplay experience to their liking. If you want to jump in game quickly, Instant Mode is the way to go. If you’d rather customize every single aspect of your simulation, Quick Mode is what you’re looking for. Personally I found these descriptions a little confusing and I think Quick Mode should be changed to Custom Mode.

When it comes to overall gameplay, I really like Indian Train Simulator and I think it has tons of potential to develop as a serious train simulator. Even if you’ve never played any games by Highbrow Interactive, Indian Train Simulator is a great introduction to their world of train sims.

I truly felt immersed in the game while playing it and I really like the fact that you’re allowed to have total control over pretty much every environmental variable.

One of my favorite features in Indian Train Simulator is the variety of trains and coaches available. You can run tons of different train combinations almost endlessly, meaning you won’t be bored out of your mind in no time flat.

Another great Indian Train Simulator feature is realism. Sure, the graphics are great to look at, but I really like the fact that there are real environmental factors like stop signals and speed limits. This means you really have to pay attention to what you’re doing.

It’s not a matter of hitting the throttle and getting to where you need to go; you have to actively manipulate everything on your train in order to earn the most points and avoid penalties.

Indian Train Simulator can be downloaded from Google Play for free. The game is supported by ads, however, but I didn’t find them to be too annoying.

Overall, Indian Train Simulator is a great Android game that’s sure to be a hit among train simulator enthusiasts. It’s definitely a fun game to play and I think it’s off to a great start.

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