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Infiniti M37 Review | Consumer Reports


With a powerful V6 engine, enjoyable handling, and a luxurious interior, the redesigned Infiniti M 37 stays near the top of our ratings. Learn more about the Infiniti M37 and other luxury sedans on our website: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/cars/new-cars/sedans/index.htm?EXTKEY=I93YT01&CMP=OTC-YUTBE

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  1. @michaelpoczynek I would starkly disagree with you. The overall gaudy design is more of a Buick, not reminiscent of the simple lines of a BMW. Makes me question if you've looked at the BMWs that you've supposedly owned.

  2. I wish I could get a combination of Y50 chassis (2006-2010) style with 3.7 engine, 7-speed transmission and the new interior. The tail lights are ugly in my opinion as well as the front grill.. I like sharp sexy angles more. The Y50 style is unique. Happy owner of 2007 M35.

  3. On the whole, i find this car favorable, but i heard in other reviews with the sport and technology packages, things get a lil awkward. Heard the ride gets too firm with sport package, and technology package keeps interfering, not synchronizing coherently like the germans. Still, leave off those two packages, and don't push it TOO hard, u get a nice interior, and on the whole a nice car. But I think the 5 series and E-class till rule the roost.

  4. This is the most reliable Luxury sedan there is. Everything is red. Unlike the germans.Mercedes,BMW,Audi and vw. Horrible reliability. But at least you'll be at the side of the road in class.

  5. @M4st3rm1nd Honda copied the Nissan/ Infiniti center console design. This design first appeared in the 2001 Infiniti Q45.

  6. WTF? How does it look Korean? Korean cars basically stole Japanese cars' designs and internals, and once they were done with that, they hired German designers and stole German designs -.-

  7. Renaults ownership of Nissans is slowly lowering Nissans long-term reliability. The once bulletproof VQ engine now suffers from oil consumption, bad timing chain guides, bad alternators, bad motor mounts, transmission issues. Renault makes me sick!

  8. Nissans/Renault fall to AVERAGE or worse in a few short years, while Hondas and Toyotas maintain red marks even in the 10th year.

  9. Now that Renault owns Nissan, Nissan's reliability is slipping. They rank AVERAGE or worse after a few short years. Few rank BETTER THAN AVERAGE in that time. Engines consume oil, have bad timing chain guides. Transmissions, alternators, motor mounts all go bad. When Renault was in the US it got all black marks in CR testing. Now that they own Nissan, their AWFUL record is rubbing off on Nissans models.

  10. I have since responded to jaymum23 with several posts. And I have yet to see them here. Why not? Thank u!

  11. Renault is not a straw man. You're right in that, Nissans reliability decline is quicker than Infinit's. But make no mistake, Infiniti's have lowered their reliability too. The last q45 racked up only an AVERAGE reliability rating. the i35's have oil consumption and timing chain issues. The M has not kept the MUCH BETTER THAN AVERAGE rating it started out with. Renault's philosophy of cutting cost in at the expense of reliability has affected Nissans and Infiniti in a hit or miss approach.

  12. The 3.0 vq which is before Renault was FLAWLESS! After Renault, several models with the 3.5 vq have oil consumption, bad timing chain guides, bad piston rings, things COMPLETLY FOREIGN TO THE POST RENAULT 3.0vq. Renault has a long history of unreliablity. And now they own Nissan. At least Honda's transmission problems didn't prevent the overall rating of Accords, and TL's from falling below a full red circle, despite the black one for the transmission.

  13. (don't) in providing such a score, manufacturers would be held accountable for their older models, and how those models impact that models reputation as a whole. Cause knowing what I know now about the 2003 Murano and how bad it has aged, I would not be willing to buy a new Murano despite its current AVERAGE or BETTER reliability rating. The Muranos reputation rating would take into consideration the how the 10year old model aged along with the current 1yr old for a models reliability profile

  14. ….some is on Used cars to Avoid list….
    It should say "SOON" is on Used Cars to Avoid list…

  15. When I was in Narita, Japan. I saw the Japanese use the Nissan version of this car as an airport taxi… Hmm not sure if I want to drive around in a taxi

  16. Hi everyone, need help. I have an Infinity g37x 2013 (without the GPS feature). I really want to connect my smartphone (galaxy 4) to the car's audio system to play music. Neither the bluetooth or the USB connectivity transfers any sound to the car. any tips thx? 

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