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The Infiniti QX is a big, posh truck-based SUV that seems like an anachronism. It has plenty of luxury, power, and space, but handling is lumbering. Learn more about the Infiniti QX and other large SUVs on our website: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/cars/new-cars/suvs/index.htm?EXTKEY=I93YT01&CMP=OTC-YUTBE

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  1. @arashn89 I would have to disagree, more then half the items you listed in your comment already come standard in the 2011 Infiniti QX56 with the MSRP of $58,150, there is no need to opt for these features the way you did on your GL350. The QX56 already comes standard with a power lift gate, 13 speaker Premium Bose Audio system, Rear View & Around view monitor, Hands free bluetooth, Navigation system and Heated front seats. The only thing left to opt for is the Heated Rear seats and Rear DVD.

  2. He ain't even testing the right one!!!! This one does not even come equipped with body motion control which would have taken care of all that body lean and bumps he was talking about and the 22inch rims would have helped it handle better. the model he is in is best off road.

  3. why the hell do you keep calling it a truck? stfu cus its not a truck its a luxury suv. would you call a range rover a truck?

  4. why do you keep calling it a truck? shut up cus its not a truck its a luxury suv. would you call a range rover a truck?

  5. This is the first review that negatively referred to the QX's handling capabilities. He never once mentioned the available hydraulic control that prevents excess body roll that is ever present in other SUVs in its class, including the less impressive and much more expensive LX570 (other reviews called the handling sporty). I give this review a C- for withholding facts, and not being clear on all the trims available, typical Consumer Reports – I guess it's not a bland Lexus or Mercedes Benz.

  6. @bravado2377 Yep I agree. I notice that this guy is testing QX without Deluxe Touring Package, which doesn't have Hydraulic Motion Control. Having and not having this option would make a BIG difference. He should have mentioned this for proper review.

  7. This dude is such a hater! He needs to drive one with the Deluxe Touring Package with the Hydraulic Body Motion System. It's LITERALLY like night and day! Corners like a MUCH smaller crossover, rather than a LARGE TANK of an SUV. I LOVE THIS TRUCK!!!

  8. My mother has this truck also she had the 2009 model as well & she loves it!!! But to talk NEGATIVE throughout the whole video is crazy! Every car isn't made for everybody! And we really don't care about you complaining. I've noticed that's all you guys @ Consumer Reports do… Is bitch! Stop bitching give more info on the car!!!!

  9. Take consumer reports review with a grain of salt. Please go drive the escalade and compare it to this thing again. Stop trying to compare it's handling to a sports sedan. compare its handling and practicality to other big suv's of the same caliber…

  10. Wouldn't it be awesome if Top Gear UK tested this truck and had it drifting around crazily on their test track? I would love to see this truck going sideways to the extreme. The styling of this big beast is becoming easier to look at over time.

  11. I would agree with other posters, he really did not compare it to other vehicles in the class. If he had, he'd have made a much less negative review. C'mon Consumer Reports, where's the Journalism?

  12. Terrible review! I test drove the QX myself just a week or so ago, and everything he said was false! This car is loaded with technology that allows it to far surpass any other car in its class. Love the QX. I love how he nags about the fact that the QX gets bad mpg (20hw/20c). What's he expecting??? It's a 6,000lb. suv dummy! Of course it's not gonna have Prius style mpg…Some people…I can't wait to buy the QX! Amazing car

  13. This behemoth has no toe space for second row passengers. None!! The front seat sits so low to the floor that the second row passenger can't even stretch out their legs!!! What's up with that?! Even the Nissan Rogue has toe space! Think about the toes people. THE TOES!! As big as this bus is, the engineers managed to rob my toes of space. Why? NEXT TIME GIVE US TOE SPACE!!! And Consumer Reports why did u fail to mention this in ur review?

  14. Terrible fuel economy? in comparison to what a toyota prius? What a jack-ass! if you don't like large luxury suvs then don't get in them. The new qx increased torque, horsepower, size, fuel economy, handeling capabilities, and luxury inside and out while keeping the price relatively the same. this nut has no idea what he's talking about, he is probly upset that he has to review car he cannot afford to buy!

  15. Why the fuck are they taking this thing to a track swinging it around, it isn't a M3 it isn't a Mustang. It's like judging a sports car by it's ability to climb a hill.

  16. "it slides around a lot" When are you ever supposed to go into a corner at full speed? Oh, right, never.

  17. @crazyCA12 I was thinking the same thing. Like who's gonna be driving this big luxury suv around sharp corners at 70 mph?

  18. Seriously ? Does he drive anything else than small cramped 2 seaters ? CR, compare it to other SUVs ! -_-

  19. Are you serious!? Who is this idiot? "…with all the leather in here it almost smells like a high end shoe shop"… This by far has to be the worst review! Go and drive other SUVs in this class and then do the review…The QX56 is the best SUV…I think you are a bit confused and reviewing it as a sports car…Also…it has the best fuel economy…if you can't afford to pay for the fuel…don't buy it.big truck = more fuel to run it…simple! Shut up with your BS and plz don't do more reviews!

  20. getting into the car was described as "tough?" Really? For whom? C'mon. I don't expect Keebler Elves to be buying these cars.

  21. Yuack, what an ugly and poor quality interior, just look at the door panel 2:23 !

  22. We own the 2012 version with the hydraulic suspension that eliminates body roll in the corners and the technology package. I did my homework on a luxury SUV that could pull a horse trailer. Also, we recently sold our ML350 Mercedes and still have our R320 Benz. The Infiniti looks a little unusual but it does grow on you. The quality is outstanding and ride and driveline are absolutely silky smooth. Drive one and you will be hooked, best suv on the market period. Mercedes = high maintenance junk.

  23. Second row foot too is nonexistent. How could the engineers have possible approved the second row design when u can't even fit ur get under the front seats? Low seats, not toe space – all that room gone to waste. The second row Acura MDX is FAAAARRR more comfortable.

  24. Further adding to the Renault's "cost-cutting at the expense of reliability philosophy" is the fact that this Japanese qx56 ( yes production was moved from the U.S. to Japan ) in one year has fallen from MUCH BETTER THAN AVERAGE to AVERAGE. Thats not the kind of aging I want to see.
    Other Nissan/Infiniti models have fallen early and hard too. Not good.

  25. What a terrible review…
    Let me say this car rocks it's luxury on wheels with Japanese technology and reliability and you're off the mark by an ocean,,,basically you suck on this one..!
    Car rocks & you suck.

  26. This is an awful review. It's also a base model- bottom level no options. I guess you need to drive all the SUVs in this category. All the competitors SUVs sucked. This thing was by far the best. It
    Does need improvement with looks although it grows on you after a while.

  27. This reviewer contradicts himself several times…big and clumsy..oh wait but all-view camera helps with navigating.  Actually compare to other V8 suvs, it gives better mpg#  such as the Escalade.  Comparing to the other big V8s it has the best handling around according to other reviews.  Watching these CR reviews makes me happy knowing I made the right choice in cancelling my subscription years ago.

  28. I went to an auto show and damn this was nice. But this review was largely false. I could climb in just fine, and this is someone who's dad has a Ford F-250 Platinum. I'm about 6'1"-6'2" and i fit in the QX 3rd row just fine. At the same show, the Lexus was too bland inside and complicated and I was worried that the wood on the middle 2nd row seat would be scratched. As for the Mercedes, it was WAAAY to gaudy for my taste and I didn't like to navigate the audio system with a wheel. And when I tried the 3rd row seats, they broke. they made a loud clicking noise. My rating in short: Infiniti-Amazing! Lexus- EEEEEHHHHH… Mercedes-Complete utter shit

  29. This guy have a job anymore? I respect peoples opinion, but this guy is clueless about this vehicles handling, agility, ease of entry, 3rd row seating and access. The QX is well know as the easiest to drive large SUV on the planet.

  30. MAYBE The rear end comes out a bit to avoid the understeer, which is why the stability control wait to kick in completely and that is to avoid the understeer also while preventing oversteer as well which is when it starts to really kick in ,, u made said the same complaint when you review the GX ,, JAKE

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