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Although it is not a delightful subject, there have always been people supporting either of the sides – the Pro-life and the Pro-choice supporters. And of course each side has its beliefs for abortion and the fetus itself. There is also a lot of abortion information available mostly spread out by health care providers and of course on the internet in all types of different formats and media. Naturally the information is so tailored and organized that it best shows and defends the point of view of its providers.

Since the time the controversy itself and the debates around it started there have been lots of arguments presented in favor of both sides. A vast part of those are with regards to the precedent setting Wade vs. Roe case, which actually made abortion legal. And however strange it is both parties use this case to base their arguments on. There are also a lot of ethnical and religious concerns that have been included in the debate, but still those have no right to influence in any way the right of choice that women have.

The information that most of the Pro-choice groups as Planned Parenthood provide, usually discuss in details the procedures of abortion as well as the possible risks, outcomes and of course when they can be performed. In order t make their choice, counseling is required before taking the big decision of having or not having an abortion. Professionally trained consultants are available for the women providing them with any information so that they can take an informed decision, because pregnancy is a serious even in a woman’s life and all factors and possibilities should be considered.

The information on the topic can be requested and provided by lots of different sources. Women can also refer to physicians as well as t private and public organizations and societies to help them address any concerns that may appear. Every woman has the right to receive exact and correct information on abortion and its consequences, plusses and minuses. This information should not be kept away or refused to people requesting it, just because some people have the opposite point of view.

People will never stop arguing on the topic as naturally different people have different opinions. But abortion is something very special and personal and the decision of whether to have one or not should be made by the woman herself. No one has the right to influence, criticize or intimidate her. The only thing to do is to provide her with all the information and let her take her own, personal decision, based on the information she has.

Providing abortion information to women means giving them choice and the most accurate abortion information is being presented to women by the health care providers as they are just in the right position for doing this. This is how women get the chance to make the choice that is the right one for them. It is never an easy choice but definitely it is much easier when you have all the information about it. For this only reason abortion information should be freely provide to all women.

By Morgan Hamilton

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