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Internet Marketing Services-Google Maps *(Competitor Analysis)* for Local Business in Northumberland


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There’s no way around it: Keyword Research is the foundation of every good local marketing business. To get it right first time there are two questions we must ask ourselves from the beginning. First, Who are our competitors?

We’re going to cover this question here with a look at Competitor Analysis.

The next question is, What are our customers looking for?

We’ll explain how GIV (Great Internet Value Limited), an Internet marketing company based in Allendale, Northumberland, helps our local customers in Northumberland to identify and select the right, effective Keywords. Our mission is to organise the information which defines the structure of our clients’ websites to optimise content, resulting in fast indexing in search engines like Google and Google+ Local… also known as Google Maps.
Competitor Analysis: The first thing we do is make a list of the top 7 competitors for our customers who are placing first in Google Maps for local businesses in Northumberland. We do this using our powerful software, Maps Marketing Analyzer.
Why is Google Maps important for local business in Northumberland? Google+ Local can give local businesses like yours massive exposure and put your products in front of people that are searching for products and services like yours… all for free.

Google is a “Billion Dollar” company because it’s the best at doing one thing: finding the answers to the questions that we type in. Google knows that when someone in Newcastle types in the word “Chiropractor,” they aren’t interested in getting information about Chiropractors in Manchester. So Google created a way to promote local businesses by developing Google+ Local… also known as Google Maps
BUT THERE IS A BIG PROBLEM… Google only features 7 local companies on the first page….and most people rarely go beyond that first page!

So how does a local company get on the first page of Google? More importantly, How does a company get to be FIRST on the first page of Google?

Well it’s easier than you might think, if your company knows what Google is looking for with Maps Marketing.

If you are a local business in Northumberland and want to analyse your competition using our software you can demonstrate for yourself that Maps Marketing Analyzer does all the work for you In 5 minutes.

This is the ultimate tool to see quickly and easily how to dominate your competition. The Maps Marketing Analyzer researches your competition and shows you the exact areas you need to focus on to dominate your competition.

Doing Competitor Analysis

Each analysis is created based on the Maps Marketing GIV strategy. It quickly analyses the main Optimisation Points in Google Maps :

3rd Party Reviews.
Website Optimisation.
Website Back links.
Keywords on Website.
Picture Optimisation.
Video Optimisation.
Plus much more.
Ranking in the top spots isn’t about working hard, it’s about working SMART! And doing some competitor research can reveal how you can rank faster and easier based on how well your competition’s websites are optimised and how they approach their Internet marketing strategy.

GIV (Allendale Internet Marketing Services) delivers a complete range of Internet marketing services to Northumberland and Cumbria based businesses. Our staff specialise in SEO Consulting Services, Search Engine Consultancy and Local Marketing. GIV (Allendale Internet Marketing Services) has developed into Northumberland and Cumbria’s Web Consultant Industry leader. Our superb customer support staff look forward to helping you. For more information contact us at: 01434 618372 or via email at mikewilliams@giv.co.uk.
Great Internet Value Limited
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