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iPad Air review. The one part of the iPad Air that isn’t any thinner or lighter is its price, which starts at the usual $499 for a 16GB WiFi-only model. From there, the MSRP goes as high as $929 for the most expensive configuration (that’s the WiFi + Cellular model with 128 gigs of storage).

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  1. This ipad is a huge piece of crap. It is full of glitches and every app has something wrong with it. All apps crash randomly and the software is shit quality. The camera sucks at night and it is not what apple has advertised. It is doesnt support flash and microsoft office shit. You cant do anything other than watch videos and surf simple shit on the internet.

  2. How come no one ever speaks about the miniscule amount of RAM this thing has? My minimum for a mobile device is 2GB, and that's like extreme minimum.

  3. I am gonna buy one…..and which colour do you recommend? silver or space grey

    Also im going to use it for gaming,social networking etc for my facebook page.What do you think about the speedness compared to ipad 4?

  4. Same exact iPad as when the the first iPad came out years ago… BUT IT THINNER??!?!?!?!?  AND LIGHTER?!?!?!? OH MY GOD!!!!!!??!?!?!?!?

  5. Look just how smoothly and beautifully it behaves, Android seriously pales in comparison to iOS in this category. Period. In a month, I'm getting my own Air. It's been a two year since I sold my iPad 2, and it's time to experience the perfection again.

  6. +TheMichaelRN I don't see cloud as a way to get more money unless somebody is crazy enough to pay for more storage on iCloud, when they say cloud not much is actually stored on it, it's just a way of putting everything on each device without hassle at least with iCloud. Plus there are so many cloud options. I use iCloud, GoogleDrive, and Dropbox and can always tether my phone for transferring stuff in the middle of nowhere if I need to. I still don't see them ever going with microSD beyond having the camera card plugins for the devices though. Even though it adds space its just another small thing to hassle with and Apple tries to make stuff easier and have less. I definitely agree with the storage price differences though. I'd love to see them go down to at least only a $50 difference but it's Apple so that'll be a stretch for them even. It's possible though since they've been dropping a lot of prices in software and some of their computer options already. I even got an iPad Air and It cost like $800 for 64GB of storage which honestly for me is plenty of space but $200 more for 32 GB more is getting pretty silly when I have microSD cards from old phones already.

  7. ok i am confused now which one should i buy ipad mini retina or ipad air i cant make a decision or it will become a disaster so please help me by replying 

  8. guys so my tablet just broke (i've been using it for 3 years now)
    and i've been off from tablet/smartphone news for months
    should i buy the ipad air now? or will the new ipad come out soon
    i know its coming this year but i don't think i want to wait for 6 months or so

  9. With 3rd generation i5 ultrabooks costing as low as $600-$700, 128GB iPAD Air that cost $929 (cellular) is pretty much redundant. And soon tablets will be the thing of the past. 

  10. I just picked up one of these for 19 bucks at gomroo.com. but I'm not a huge fan of apple products, I just got lucky! anyone know how much  i could resell it for brand new in box. 

  11. #Apple #iPad #Air #MD788LL/A (16GB, Wi-Fi, White with Silver
    The new iPad Air is Apple's latest, slimmest, lightest release of their hand-held computer. Oddly enough, it's so beautifully easy to use (my one year old daughter loves playing with it), it's almost doesn't feel like a computer at all.

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