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IRenew — Energy Bracelet Review


iRenew is the brand new energy bracelet that claims it can offer you the restorative powers of biofield technology. The claim is this: iRenew is able to provide its users, who simply wear the bracelet, an immediately recognizable source of balance; and that this balance, which is evident to any user by simply trying balancing poses with and without the bracelet, translates into an energy source that is both healthy and sustaining. Overall, the claim of the product is that it can help you restore your balance, regain your overall strength, and add vitality to your life.

iRenew goes not claim to be the first sort of bracelet to offer such benefits. Ionic bracelets have been around for a while, and I think it only fair to state that this is not simply an ionic bracelet, and it is not the first bracelet to make such claims. Yet it does offer users a new energy balancing technology.

The questions is: Does iRenew work?

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The claims of the product include some of the following:

  • Biofield technology
  • Steadying support for balance
  • Renewed energy
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Overall wellness

The verdict:

iRenew is brand new to the marketplace, and we’re not in a position to make any truthful guarantees. We’ll need to see the product in use with thousands of customers before we can make any guarantees of its usefulness. But we can discuss the value of BioField Technology and the variety of alternative approaches to wellness that stem from such similar practices.

Biofield technology was developed to harness the natural electromagnetic frequencies that are present in our environment. The bracelet helps us align ourselves with our natural and coherent state. In truth, the commercial that demonstrates the balancing power of the bracelet can be considered a manifestation of a field that, to this day, still remains beyond our level of scientific understanding. Tapping into the powers of a more balanced and desire-able state seems to be the aim of nearly all religions and wellness practices. If iRenew can help people find homeostasis with a simple application, all the better.

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