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Iron Man 3 iOS iPad Gameplay Review – AppSpy.com


Iron Man 3 iOS iPad Gameplay Review.
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Approximate Installed Size – 957 MB

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  1. Guys quit hating on James he can't be another Andrew! Accept him or go watch a different channel

  2. James im AppSpy's biggest follower for years. I can vouch that you're doing an amazing job, continue with confidence!

  3. James, I am the official AppSpy superfan and number 1 video review follower. Keep up the excellent video review work.

  4. this game its a mixture of temple run whit fruit ninja … whit an iron man title on it :/

  5. hes fucking doing a review, not trying to impress you with his gameplay. get with program

  6. Since the success of temple run there have been a numerous number of endless runners on the ios platform. Which would make some developers think something like;
    What should I create for the IOS platform? An RPG? No haven't heard much success of that. Oh I know a shooter? No there's already modern combat. Oh I know how about and endless runner? It'll be fun!!!!! Yay. To which I say no toast to you game developers.

  7. James Andrew? Thats confusing wasn't the last guys name Andrew? Congrats on the new Job James Andrew.

  8. Please guys, your getting really slow on reviews now… Please make a blitz brigade one already or survivalcraft

  9. The waiting time for repairs are so stupid. I just sit there staring at the timer! Deleted it after 20 minutes!

  10. my game has got me to the some stupid upgrade thing and now won't let me do anything. I have been trying to exit from the shop to get back to the game but there seems to be no option for that. any help

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