Home Gadget Review Is Korg Gadget Overpriced? And other music production news (GAS Leak #5)

Is Korg Gadget Overpriced? And other music production news (GAS Leak #5)


In this 5th episode of GAS Leak we talk about Korg Gadget for MAC OS, we talk about a great bundle from Apple for students and teachers, and we talk about some more Korg related news.

– Korg Gadget: http://www.factmag.com/2017/02/08/korg-gadget-price-release-date/
– Apple US EDU Store: http://www.apple.com/us-hed/shop/product/BMGE2Z/A/pro-apps-bundle-for-education

If you are from another country try google COUNTRY + EDUCATIONAL STORE in your language.

– Jakob Haq: https://www.youtube.com/jakobhaq
– More Korg news: http://www.korg.com/us/news/2017/0112/



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  1. Korg says Gadget is a secondary daw. I have bought all gadgets and modules on iOS and each of them fits nanokey studio quite well(automapping). I enjoy making some lovely patterns on gadget. While the mac version is a little bit too expensive than the daws you mentioned in the vid. Btw, the new white ms20 mini looks gr8! LoL

  2. Interesting point about Cubase sounds engine vs Ableton Live sound engine. They're identical……

    The issue comes from people not really understanding how Live works and leaving Warp mode on all their audio. Warp (as the name suggests) introduces artifacts.

    Is Gadget overpriced? Well of course it is, compared to everything else I can think of.

  3. Every Mac owner who does music has probably fiddled for some time with Garageband, and for those Logic is a super easy step up, because the user interface is familiar. I think Gadget would be worth some discussion on the next Low Pass Podcast. Also, congrats on hitting 3k subs!

  4. Reasonable price for gadget. 100 max 150. 300 is not a little but a lot too expensive. The Mac gadget is the exact opposite policy than that of what created the Minilogue. Gadget follows the modern apple way " neat package, nice colors..lets Miiiilk them!"

  5. As someone who has the ipad app, it's a very nice tool. I think having to pay $199/299 its a little much seeing how I got the ipad app on sale for $20. I know they added some more features to it, but still, a bit much imo.

  6. I think Gadget is pretty overpriced. GarageBand is free, and you get the same type of virtual modeling synths. I'm not sure who they are trying to reach, unless it will eventually become a full daw. I would love to have a full sized Odyssey, but it is ridiculously more expensive than the module, so I will probably just get that. Also, the white Ms-20 is hideous….. 🙂

  7. I hesitate to call Gadget a DAW. It isn't a true DAW. A better comparison would be Propellerhead Reason with less inter-device connectivity. Reason retails at $299 as well.

    Now I have to say that I'm a huge fan of Korg Gadget. I've been using in on iPad for a year and a half and it is the basis for almost all the music I write now. Yes, the Gadgets (with the exceptions of the M1, Wavestation and Odyssey) are fairly basic and definitely not as in-depth as say Serum or other pro VSTs, however, the limitations spur creativity, and the workflow of Gadget is incredibly easy to grasp and create full tracks with. It's very approachable but on the same hand, powerful- – kinda like the Novation Circuit in a way.

    I think the price is a bit high, but I've spent over $300 on iOS Gadget and it's IAP, so I guess it's to be expected. I would assume if the demand isn't there, they would drop the price somewhat. Maybe in the $150 range.

  8. I'm a teacher in the US, so gas definitely triggered for the Apple bundle.

    About the gadget price: I don't think I would compare it to DAWs because I think this is squarely marketed to people who already have a DAW. The big question is how do the gadgets themselves stack up to other VST instruments? How does it compare for example to NI packages or Arturia synth packages?

  9. Apple makes good products but at exorbitant rates. Their spares rates are a kind of sadistic joke. I was recently asked to pay $550 for a replacement logic board which would hold a warranty for just 90 days. Besides I was also told to pay $ 100 for the replacement power supply.
    My iMac is 5 years old. Now why would anyone with decent common sense replace the parts. I use all apple products but let me remind you Apple does not care a damn for their customers or their loyalty.
    Could anyone help me with an Apple email ID to write to. I think someone out there at Apple should know, this is absolutely Day light robbery.
    Please email grandmasterjo@gmail.com
    Thanks Bo
    Oh btw. Korg's IOS product is zero value

  10. I'm surprised at how high the price is, but I am also 99% sure I'm going to buy it. Nothing for me has lived up to Gadget in terms of getting out usably polished productions fast. It's the speed it allows me to produce that makes it worth it for me. The addition of audio tracks is going to speed things up even more I think.

    That said, I have only been producing for a year and am terribly inexperienced and unskilled. I'm sure I'll get faster at working with fully-fledged DAWs (Ableton is my main software and I do love it but it takes me much longer to produce a full releasable track in it) but I can't argue with the speed Gadget allows me to do stuff at in the meantime.

  11. The editing aspects of gadget will be its success or failure. The one daw it should be compared too is the new Akai 2.0 that is soon to be released. They both have many midi instruments and a great workflow but the big addition in both of audio track recording should bring in new blood to both daws. For instance rappers may use gadget or the new Akai software as a standalone daw. I think gadget will be fun and and plan on getting the iOS add ons when they are released. I doubt I will buy the Daw though as the new Akai software will most likely have much deeper editing and mastering facilities.

  12. well when you buy Gadget for the Ipad and all 28 gadgets available for it, which includes Korg Module, Im1, Odyssei and IwaveStation , which are separate stand alone apps that open in Gadget, and all the in apps purchases, Youre looking at a little over $200, So Id say the price for the Mac version sounds about right.
    At the end of the day its going to be up to the user.

  13. I use my Korg gadget as a synth module for my Yamaha rs 7000 I use the rs knobs to control. Much of gadget by midi . I will be buying it for Mac so I can us my sample library with gadget.

  14. There are many reasons to own gadget on mac, the workflow for one thing is lightning fast, I can come up with great sounding ideas then most other DAW's I've used – it's a very fun process aswell. Really though you won't get much from Gagdet if you only used the lite version, I liked your video but would have been good if you spent a week with the full version.

  15. When I first got my iPad over the holidays, the very first thing I did with it was put Gadget on it, although I did look at a few other music apps. During Christmas, Korg was running a 50% off sale on all Korg downloads so for $20, I'd say the price was right.

  16. Cool vid. I downloaded the le version for iOS. I love the high quality of the sounds. Being a Korg user for over 2 decades, I love it because I hear a lot of FAMILIAR, KORG patches/textures coming out of something I can fit in my POCKET. That part blew me away! But, the MAC version is a bit overpriced, in my honest opinion. I'll stick with the iOS version, using it as a synth source (not a DAW). BTW, I bought the APPLE STUDENT BUNDLE you spoke of in February. BIG, BIG WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I bought it for the capability of having Gadget's sounds on my Mac ready to go. I know there are many ways it can be done but I've been hoping to have these sounds in my Mac DAW. They might have considered more of a price break for owners of the iOS version but it is a separate platform. I should mention that I have quite a few music synth/instrument apps in my library. I love versatility and variety and Gadget has some ready made sounds that I don't quite get from my other synth apps. I'm glad to have it even if the price is a little steep.

  18. I have been using gadget for more than one year and the quality of the instruments is very nice, it's very fun to play around with the synths and I think is very nice that they moved to mac, but as you say the price is a little bit high, especially for those that have already spent money on the iOS version, but if you haven't tried it I totally recommend you to get it while it's on sale

  19. Comparing prices like this is tough because all those DAWS and sort of DAWS offer different things. If it is just a question of needing a DAW to record a band or yourself singing with a piano or if it is for performing, like is very doable with abelton, then you will want what is the best price of the apps that do what you need the best. If price is so important then everyone should get Reaper, that has it all for $60. I am serious about reaper. People are still spending a fortune for protools when reaper does the same thing, maybe better. Sorry for being so complicated. I hope you get the point. I think if you use an app a lot and it gives you a ton of productivity and enjoyment then spending a few hundred is nothing. You could buy the less expensive one and save some money but end up being miserable and regretting because you really wanted that more expensive app even if it was "over-priced". I say get the app that you really want and who cares about saving a few bucks, unless of course if you really don't have much or are unemployed. Gadget is fun and easy to use and learn. The fact that the gadgets are plugins make it a cheap deal at less than $10 per plugin/gadget. Ok, the gadgets are not the deepest but they are certainly good sounding and will improve your productivity for various reasons.i think we spend too much time talking about prices when music making is so inexpensive. I am not saying we should not talk about it but it goes too far sometimes for such small amounts of money.

  20. For me Gadget is incredible for the ipad and I've collected all the gadgets over past few years (save lexington). There's no way I would pay $300 to have it on desktop too…. it;s pointless because what makes gadget work so well is the touch screen. Get it for ipad – wait for sales! Thank me later!

  21. I bought Gadget because I'm a beginner and I like the interface, it's not as overwhelming as other DAWs that might be more fully featured.

  22. So I overall like your video, Gadget takes a while to explain and most people won't understand what it is or how it could be relevant to them (I wouldn't if I weren't into Korg iOS apps, I've also tried the free lite version). Since I haven't actually bought the full version and it seems you haven't either, don't you think neither of us can actually give a good answer to the question of whether it's worth it? What it really comes down to is the quality of the Gadgets, how good they sound and how useful and stable they are as software instruments. The bit I've done with the free Gadget app makes it seem like the ideal intro beginner/intermediate level environment for making electronic music. ESPECIALLY if it contains Wavestation, M1, and Odyssey! I've been LOVING iWAVESTATION. Such quality! So yeah I think you're spot-on to compare it to the price of Logic Pro at $200 – I mostly agree with what you have to say about Logic, though I think it should be noted that not only is Logic a "full-fledged" DAW as you say, many producers and composers consider it their #1 for working with MIDI & Audio. Logic comes with a bunch of software instruments (which are only available within it, not as plug-ins for any other DAW like Korg's Gadgets, so Gadget has an advantage in that way but for single-DAW ppl like me it doesn't matter). I dont find the quality of the built-in Logic instruments to be phenomenal. Logic is my primary DAW and I use it to record my hardware synths (analog & digital), as a host for my softsynths and AU plugins (Mostly Waves, iZototope, SoundToys, SPL, Lexicon) and that's what makes it great. I'd think that for someone just starting, if Korg's Gadgets are a cut above Logic's built-in software instruments, Korg Gadget would be much better for them, and that for their purposes it's as much of a DAW as they need. It wouldn't matter to them that Logic is a full-fledged DAW, but they can always use their Gadgets in another DAW when the time comes. I also think it's pertinent to compare it to the price of say Korg's Volca Keys / Sample / FM – those are each $160 new! Volca FM is 3-note polyphony and not multimbral, Sample is 10-voice polyphony/multitmbral. But bottom line, I really agree with you that Korg has made the base price for Gadget for Mac way too high at $200 (but especially if they'll really go up to $300), at $100 or less they'd get SO many people buying it but I think that not many people will end up buying it at this price and it'll be a shame. Why couldn't they have a cheap (if not free like on iOS) version and allow people to buy each Gadget seperatley if they want, over time, like on iOS? I wouldn't shell out $200 on something that isn't a full-fledged DAW like Cubase/Logic/Ableton when you can get one for that price (as you emphasize), but if you see it as not only an environment but also as high-quality Korg softsynths, it's a different product. Korg has been designing digital synthesizers for years, with the microKORG being the #1 all time best selling synth it makes sense to think of Gadget as a Mac-version of those same virtual analogue ways of creating synthesis on a computer chip!

  23. it's been kind of the same for years – Apple have always been rulers in two areas (a) HD recording and (b) integration. They rule for these. Full stop. HOWEVER – if you aren't really wanting to have EVERYTHING including the kitchen sink (sync?) all bundled up to one device… A Mac system may not be for you. Open source can be an interesting option, but you're most likely will spent your time either learning to code so as you can write your own drivers for obscure stuff… OR you end up having a bit of a retro studio, simply to ensure your drivers are all running smoothly. I am kind of getting a little dispassionate about this kind of thing. I ask myself (a) will it actually add anything USEFUL to the way I work and (b) can I justify spending XXX for <insert device here> when I am creating quite well without it being here in the first place. These two questions are the prime ones I always ask myself about ANY new purchase for software or hardware….

  24. The Gadget iOS app is totally brilliant! The latest version includes the vocal and guitar gadgets. It has Ableton Link and you can export your gadget projects as Ableton projects into Ableton with audio, MIDI and even FX automation. The desktop Gadget app does seem overpriced when compared to other DAWs and it won't have the same touchscreen appeal of the iOS app unless you use your iPad as a controller. So, I suggest using the iOS Gadgets with Ableton.

  25. it's worth every penny! people need to stop whining about Korg gadget… go back to your crappy FL studio …also known as the software for people with zero talent.

  26. I use gadget on my iPad on a regular basis and use it complementary to my ableton. I find it super fast and easy to use. If i have to just put out an idea fast Its my go to app. And the sounds are incredible! I would actually purchase the Korg Gadget but sadly no PC version just for the plugins. Would probably not use it as a daw on the pc tho.

  27. Thanx! Yep, this was informative! I'm also a MacMan, exclusively. I already have the Gadget for iPad on my (256 gig) iPad Pro with all the available expansions. I think you talked me out of getting it for my Mac Pro (8 cores, 64 gig of RAM, 1Tb of SSD hard drive). My desktop is already loaded w/ Cubase 9 Pro , Garage Band's latest and a free cope of Ableton Live 9 Lite. I fully intend to get Logic Pro and after watching your video, I have been redirected and will not strive to get Gadget for my desktop. I'll just drop down to my next item on the list . . . Logic Pro. Pro tools is also on the list, but way down there a ways. I've had a beef with them that goes back a bunch of years.

    This is the first time I've seen you and have subscribed to your (appealing and informative) video. I'm interested in buying Softube Collection Vol. 1 . . . any thoughts or chances of a video? I also have the Arturia Collection V3 and can always enjoy more enlightenment on those. I wonder which instruments they'll include in the 4th update for that. I was sent a questionaire from them a few months ago asking which 3 synths I would like then to add to their collection (and wonder, with all the new hardware they are releasing, if they still intend to do such an update). I also am using Waves Gold Bundle plug-ins, as well as almost 20 additional Waves plug-ins, including the 3 electric pianos and their Codex synth. Finally, plug-in wise, I just upgraded my Steinberg Absolute nInstrument collection from 2 to 3. Any reviews on all the aforementioned plug-ins would be enjoyed.

    As a side note, I use an 88 key Korg Kronos 2, an 88 key Korg Trinity Pro 3, a Roland Integra 7, an old Roland JV 2080 (w/ 8 expansion cards), and ancient Yamaha PRX-4600 and Em-u Proteous 1.

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