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Is NuCERITY a Scam or Legit Opportunity? NuCERITY Review


I decided to investigate an opportunity called NuCERITY due to the number of scams running online, this is what I found out…

The Company

NuCerity. The name, perhaps, does not sound immediately familiar to most people, but can be easily associated to some kind of skincare. Factually, the brand is known to cater non-prescriptive health care products, more specifically cosmetics. NuCerity will officially launch in October of 2009.

If you come across NuCerity’s website, you may only find yourself browsing through a page with a number of products you can only count with one hand. It might come a little off until you get informed deeper into what the company is about.

There are two products that the NuCerity carries out in its networking promotion. Currently in its pre-launch phase, it is focusing on the launch of their first product, Skincerity, and will eventually be followed by the launch of Lucerity.

Skincerity is designed to improve the appearance, repairs and restores skin to its healthy state, and tone of the skin in a short period of time. It has its advantage for being the only patented breathable masque in the market that will improve the condition of your skin without having to compromise your routine in achieving the skin health.

It is suited for any type of skin and address specific issues, not only for women, but for everyone. An antioxidant blend of Vitamin E, Vitis Venefera or more commonly known as grape seed oil, and Proanthocyanidins which are extracted from grape seed oil is found in the formulation. Problems with acne, common rashes, and damage caused by prolonged exposure to the sun will be fixed with regular use of this product.

Its application is designed as a roll-on which when all over the face, will dry in seconds. The creators claim that you won’t have to compromise the current products that you are used to because it is not a replacement product. Compensation And More

The company follows a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) compensation structure. It follows a downstream of distributors and a hierarchy of different levels of compensation through the twelve different income streams being offered. You are provided weekly compensation.

However, the MAJOR PROBLEM I see is the marketing plan. This company teaches its reps to prospect family & friends, do home parties, buy leads and distribute brochures.. I don’t believe this to be a solid marketing plan. With the Internet, business can be leveraged to reach millions across the globe.

Final thoughts? Get your self a solid and proven marketing knowledge to make this business work with my FREE CD, which will help you recruit members a whole lot easier than the methods taught. Visit the link below…

By Hassan Ajmal

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