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Item review – VR Bluetooth Remote Controller


This is a video review I made about a VR #Bluetooth remote #controller.

Here are several links to purchase the item online:
https://goo.gl/Jxklok (Amazon US)
http://amzn.to/2nBkZJL (Amazon UK)
http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/vvjEmEY (Aliexpress)

The brand: N/A
The model: BT03 / VR Box / Various

The pros:
– Pretty cheap.
– Works OK, as long as the specific game supports this kind of controller.
– Offers plenty of features, such as control the camera, media player, air mouse, etc.

The cons:
– Doesn’t support many VR games, but this is not relevant to the controller itself, but to the game / software.

Q: Where can I find games for this controller?
A: I recommend you to start with Google Play store or Appstore, and look for “VR Games With Controller” and other sorts of keywords search combinations.

Q: Why this controller doesn’t work with a game I downloaded?
A: There might be 2 main reasons for that:
1. The specific game doesn’t support a controller – Many developers don’t create VR games that operates with a controller, but only with body movement. I believe as time goes by you will be able to find more and more games that do allow to use a controller such as this one.
2. You didn’t setup the controller properly, so check if it switched to the relevant OS that you are using (iOS / Android / Windows), and make sure to choose the right mode (like I explained in the video).

Here is the user manual of this item:

Here is the description of this item:
Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad Update VR Remote Controller For Android Joystick Game Pad Control For 3D Glasses VR BOX Shinecon

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  1. Please what sites that DOWNLOAD them virtual reality games For thisVR Bluetooth Remote Controller

  2. Will this work with Five Nights at Freddy's on Android? You just tap in-game buttons to play that game.

  3. I need Help. I can't connect it on PC windows 7.
    My bluetooth adapter 2.0 does not see it and my other bluetooth adapter 4.0 see it as vr box and fail during pairing. It just tell " connector failed because an incorrect code was entered" But no code was asked like pim or other during pairing. Did someone succesfully used it on windows?

  4. do you know any controller with motion sensors that is universal and where can I buy it?

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