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Jeep sells lots of Wranglers, thanks to distinctive looks and their off-road reputation. But shortcomings in handling, braking, refinement, and comfort all detract during the daily drive.

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  1. another review said "Once you buy a Jeep you'll get a lot of attention and make new friends!"

    Yes,all your new friends will be mechanics giving your Jeep a whole of attention.

  2. I have a car I bought 11 years ago, that was on consumer reports "Cars to avoid" list. I now have over 287,000 miles on it and it has been a really nice car. Watching this review, I now realize why it was on that list.
    He sounds like he is expecting a Jeep to be a Toyota Camry, or Honda Accord.

  3. I am getting my first Jeep after this weekend.
    I would have some concern of what this guy was saying if I was not an avid outdoor adventurer.  As far as the handling, I currently drive a 03 Caviler, with a passenger side front strut that shoots oil out, and a driver side front strut with a broken spring. The control arm bushings are also all gone, and the alignment is so bad that if you let go it will yank left and go off the road. If your tall like me the crack across the windshield does not bother you too much, and if you remember not to sit back the springs sticking out of the seat don't hurt as bad. Fuel mileage is defiantly going to be a lot worse, now that I am not burning that extra liter of oil every day with my gas, to help lean it out for extra power :-P, and it sure is going to suck not being able to constantly look like I am "rolling coal" with a compact car. Also having an actual exhaust again is defiantly going to make the "noisy ride" a lot quieter.
    But all in all I think that I can live with the handling of an "Elephant on the freeway", because it will be a lot better then the 3 legged hippopotamus that farts and shoots crap all over the place that I currently drive.

  4. I just traded in my Honda civic for a 2014 wrangler altitude.  Looks amazing and is a smoother ride than my 2010 civic!!!  I don't get these preppie review guys bashing the wrangler.  All I can say is test drive it for yourself.  You will be surprised how tame it is on the road and unstoppable off road.  My two cents.

  5. You buy an off-road monster and expect smooth highway cruising of a sedan? And the weird positions of window switches bother you?

    How about you take a sedan off road and ask yourself "Hmm…it got stuck…not a very good vehicle eh?" 

  6. Perhaps this guy should be reviewing pussy cars like BMW, Audi's, or some dumb sh@t like that! Really!

  7. I'm not a fan of consumer reports but I have to say this was dead on. Jeeps are the most unreliable piece a crap you can buy. Two of my friends have jeeps and they are always getting towed and then don't even go off roading.

  8. This guy is a real dork. He hates the Wrangler, ok we get it. No need to rub it in! Go back to your Prius or BMW or whatever you drive.

  9. I just bought a 2012 Wrangler Unlimited Sport a week ago, not my first Jeep though. The only problem I have with it is my face getting sore from the stupid smile I have every time I drive the Wrangler. My lifted 95 Grand Cherokee gives me the same problem.

  10. i like the wranglers i think their the best looking the ride is not bad at all the best thing they did was upgrade the v6

  11. It is a matter of perspective. It is to the core about the off beaten path. This is JK land. Want comfort? Buy a Grand Cherokee for the same money. Skip any other Jeep. The Cherokee which I have I regret. I am eyeing a JK, and want that back to basics life. Like a Swiss Army knife, it is not fancy, it is not luxury by any stretch, yeah it is not cheap either. But it gets you there no matter where there is!

    Also the tires that come with are junk. Look into the KO2 B.F. Goodrich All Terrains and go ahead and climb that stone hill again. It will transform the JK traction wise. http://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=BFGoodrich&tireModel=All-Terrain+T%2FA+KO2.

    Tires really make any car a super star. If I was keeping my Cherokee, that is what it would get. You don't have to get the Sahara to enjoy the Jeep lifestyle. Get the Sport instead, and customize it yourself. Tons of aftermarket make the Jeep personal, and a raving success. I will bet you that you know someone with a JEEP. They are that Iconic, and that present.

    Not doing what other cars, or trucks do is why they are what they are. You can't get anything in this wheel base this capable without losing out on the basic core. Sure if you could find an FJ, that would be cool. But new at the Dealership Jeep Wrangler just says, I will get you there. You just have to outfit it right with the right tires, a winch, First Aid kit, and your Survival Gear, and your favorite outdoor sport, and get going. What is better than that?

  12. I bought my first Jeep , 2015 Rubicon model with Mud terrain tires that's not really meant for the street but I'm surprise how smooth and fun the ride is. It's not as smooth as my 2015 Chevy Silverado but a different ride. These Consumer Report people have been drinking the wrong Kool-Aid. They don't understand Wrangler was built as an off-road vehicle first. With the versatility of an all in one vehicle (off-road, street, convertable, sport utility), there's a give and take.

  13. I had a 2009 Wrangler Rubicon…Had to replace 2 drive shafts and the engine blew up after it decided to blow an oil line! I also almost died in it when the wheel just came off because the lug bolts failed and popped off. The brakes were complete !@#$ as well.

  14. The reviewers states that most wrangler owners spend most of their time on the road. That is true because most of us have to work for living. However the vast majority of rubicon owners, 85%, and strong majority of wrangler owners other than the rubicon model, 60%, enjoy spending time off road (this according to Jeep Wrangler's development team). This is because the wrangler is primarily built for its off road capabilities. The wrangler is built for its customers. This is why there are several jeep clubs to chose from across every region of the US and outside of the US who meet to spend their time wheeling off road with these machines. MOST people buy a wrangler because they will be taking it off road where it is the most capable consumer production vehicle on the planet.

  15. "Wrangler owners spend most time onroad"

    And astronauts spend most time on earth. The point of a wrangler is to be mobile all the time and nothing standing in your way of the destination. A wrangler does not have the performance of a mustang on the road, but its a hell of a lot better than a mustangs performance offroad. I swear, you should do a review of a mustang and rate it terribly because it is terrible offroad. Idiot.

  16. Why does this guy always sound like he's whining all the time….don't matter what the review said, Wranglers will always sell

  17. looking to get a 2016 wrangler sport hear the engine tranny and well overall the cars durable as hell can you guys give me some feed back to these claims ? cause this guy just hates it lol

  18. I have always said, if it is not a suburban soccer mom grocery getter, CR dosent like it. If the jeep had the right tires, it would have climbed those rocks like a mountain goat.

  19. another worthless review of the Jeep Wrangler by Consumer Reports. no one cares what they have to say about Wranglers

  20. Why did they put this pencil neck Ford Focus loving Mall crawler in charge of this review?First of all its a Wrangler not a grand Cherokee or liberty! It's meant for off road but able to use the roads to get there.With that in mind lets go over his comments.1)"Its a bumpy ride."Yes it will be a bumpier ride than other vehicles that CANNOT do what it can off road unless you place a ton of computerized components and air suspension on it to break down and drive the price up.2) "The wire harness for the door is visible."Yes it needs to be to get the door of and access for EZ maintenance.3) "The window switches are on the dash."Yes they need to be if you ever want the doors off.4) "The climb up the rocks slipped a lot."Some moron thought to leave it in 4 high and had no clue how to CRAWL up rocks.5) "Not good in a cone weave."No shit….What SUV that has 1 foot ground clearance can?6) "The brick body style is loud."Your driving a rag top dipper! All rag tops are loud.7) "The interior is unrefined."Again this isn't a commuter.Thank god Jeep has no need for moron reviews to sell the Wrangler. Wrangler customers know what they want and get what they need out of the wrangler better than any other off/on road vehicle.His angle for the review is for commuting. That's like reviewing the Prius this guy drives for off road. Consumers don't want to know how bad the luggage room in a corvette is and they don't want to hear the shortfall of the Camry's towing capacity because they know what the vehicles are designed to do. Consumer reports should be ashamed of this jokers review. It was unnecessary and I for one wonder the intelligence of the editor. What's next, how bad the water skiing off the back of a Morgan 34' sail boat is? How about how rough the ride of a Enduro motorcycle is for touring the united states.Wrangler has more affordable mods and parts than any Vehicle on the planet. It comes off the showroom floor with that in mind and the silly tires he tried to go off roading with was a perfect example of this mans ignorance and should be a red flag him to be doing the review.Love "America"

  21. I own a 2015 wrangler sport. Its stock and it drives smooth. When I drive on uneven roads it squats and drives straight while others are not. If I could say one thing,

  22. What's with all the thumbs down? The reviewer was completely honest. He mentioned both the pros and cons of the Wrangler. I bet the majority of the thumbs down are from Wrangler owners who don't want to admit that the Wrangler is far from perfect. Relax, folks. The Wrangler is still an off-road champ. Everyone should be able to look at their car objectively and see that the Wrangler (like every other car) is good in some ways and bad in others.

  23. That offroad section on the rocks around 1:00 was cringe-worthy; the driver has no idea what the hell he is doing, and he is certainly not qualified for this review.

  24. This is the worst review ever. He is completely missing the point of JEEP. The interior is made the way it is on purpose. If you want a travel on highway car don't by Wranglers.

  25. He kinda contradicted himself. He said.. most wranglers will never go off-road and spend there time on the pavement. He the. said.. it's a terrible road car… yet. Jeep sells millions of them used in the precise way he said the car is crappy.
    Maybe the issue is there opinion of the Jeep, not the actual Jeep.
    Plenty to bitch about Jeeps, reliability being one…
    Obviously the public loves the car regardless of his opinion.

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