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Jerry Rice & Nitus' Dog Football Review (Wii)


The Wiiviewer reviews Jerry Rice & Nitus’ Dog Football for the Wii.

I had a strange error with my editor and it wouldn’t let me add my normal intro so to work around it I just cut it out of this video. That’s why it’s not there.

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  1. i  got this game. and let me tell u, this is one of those games dat is so weird, dat its gonna become extremely rare one day. not everyone will buy a copy of this game thinking its da dumbest game ever 2 exsist, and wii-game collectors like myself will be looking all over for a copy when they find out how much its worth in da long-run. i already have this game, aswell as other dog-related wii games. Okami, the dog island, petz: dogs 2, da un-anounced sequel 2 the dog island. both are pretty rare now. exspecially da original> the dog island and da Wii-Port of Okami. i have a few Dog Themed games, but its always da games dat people think arn't worth a shit 2 get, dat raise in value.

  2. I’ve been watching your channel for years and I had NO idea you had this review until YouTube put this in my recommended. Stellar review:)

  3. BEST GAME EVER!!! You sound ludicrous trying to seriously review this. Thank you for being quite clear that you're over 10 years old. That's nice. Easy means fun to many people of ALL ages, m'man. ARF!

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