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Joe’s Catch Up/Mini Movie Reviews for 2015


I finally managed to catch up with some of the big movies I wanted to see for 2015 before I give you my best and worst videos for 2015. I as quickly as I can talk about “Joy”, “Hateful Eight”, “Inside Out” and “The Revenant.


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  1. I saw all of these but Hateful 8. Inside Out my favorite of year. Glad you loved it!
    Joy was ok with an interesting performance and character but the tone was kind of all over the place and agree on the unlikable side characters.
    The Revenant was striking but I could have used a moment more of humanity. it's pretty deadening. But still good but brutal film

  2. Great mini-reviews Joe! I thought Joy was a great film. Silver Linings Playbook is still my favorite from David O' Russell's films but Joy is pretty close to Silver Linings for me. I didn't care for American Hustle and The Fighter but I'm glad you liked those movies. Inside Out is really great imo, not my favorite from Pixar (I'm a huge Pixar buff) but its still pretty terrific. The Hateful Eight is a good movie in my opinion. Its not a masterpiece like the reviews say it is but it was still a good movie and honestly I'm just happy it's a good movie at least. I just saw The Revenant and I was blown away by the film. It definitely has a chance to be in my Top 10 Best movies of 2015 since I'm still catching up on other 2015 movies at the moment. It was intense throughout. It does drag a little bit but that still doesn't take away from the overall experience. I look forward to talking about each of the Dark Knight movies with you. Thanks again for having me return to your channel as the guest 🙂 The first podcast we filmed for your channel was a lot of fun.

  3. I haven't seen the Revenant yet but I heard amazing things about it

    It may be on my Favourites of 2016 since it was released this year (Only US release last year)

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