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Jolly LLB 2 Movie REVIEW By Arshad Warsi Will Blow Your Mind


Arshad Warsi who was the lead actor in Jolly LLB, watched the sequel with Akshay Kumar and gave an amazingly positive review.

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  1. No doubt Akshay did good but frankly speaking first part is way more superior to this one. Arshad Boman did a great job n as usual judge Sourabh shukla steals the show

  2. The scriept of first part is far better than the the second one…. N the defence lawyer boman irani wass jss tremendious acting whick take the movie in another level…. I am the big fan of akki but what i feel is the firts part is better than the second one…. Akki always rocks…

  3. I usually don't comment on things, but Jolly LLB was a master piece while as Jolly LLB 2 is an absolute trash

  4. One of the most underrated Bollywood actors- Arshad Warsi. Such a humble gentleman. Love you Arshad ? Forget Jolly, you have better films to do.

  5. part 1 masterpiece this ye wali bakwas, achha huva Arshad Warsi is film me nahi tha… nahi to reputation kharab ho jati JOLLY LLB PART 1 ki…..

  6. "Akshay" is the only real hero in Bollywood who takes the stories on National issues (or)INDIA's greatness. Thats why he is the real INDIAN hero.U can observe it from past Aksha's 8 movies(BABY, AIRLIFT, RASTUM…). AND"Jolly llb2"is an Extraordinary movie, i enjoyed it a lot and definitely it too will get National award. And soon will cross 200crors club.

  7. Didn't like the second part. The first movie was raw, original, and interesting. Also, Arshad played the role better.

  8. Arshad is 100 times better actor than this flop kumar!! 3-4 movies every year SWEAR DOWN I DONT WATCH AKSHAY's movies!! Havent watched any of his movie since houseful 3 and H3 because of multi star cast! Akshay is my least liked among all and i mean All including aftab shivdsani!

  9. Even if Arshad got over JLLB2, can still see the hurt in his eyes… he still feels that movie belonged to him… akshay should have let arshad work on that movie. Arshad is a great actor with superb comic timming.

  10. Nobody else than Arshad Warsi could ever b Jolly. Only Arshad Warsi could replace Arshad Warsi .

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