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Jurassic Park The Game Review HD (Xbox 360)


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  1. lol within the first 10 seconds of you talking I knew I would like this review because your backstory sounds just like mine

  2. heeey….i really liked this game, im a fan of the movies and like u said…is awsome that we can explore more of the island, i think the story was great tooo it could make even a great movie…
    anyway i like ur review is nice to see that other fans aprecciate the game as well.

  3. I was a huge fan of the movies, but did not like the game at all. I didn't mind the less then great graphics but the game could get extremely stupid at points and made me lose interest in the game quickly, which lead to me dying a lot when it was time to react to events. This of course is all just my opinion, I did enjoy your review regardless

  4. i can understand this, I dont think i will be replaying it any time soon cause it didnt hold me after i beat it. I mean i played for the story, but thanks for the comment!

  5. got the game new for $9.99 after watching the review glad I held out for price drop, now time to play it..

  6. The only voice that I recognized from this game was Nima's, her voice actor also played Nix in Infamous 2

  7. I would really buy the game if it was a Jurassic Park 4. When your in the island trying to fight your way out and it will have cool T-Rex and Spinosaures scenes or something

  8. This game is so bad I watched cryotic and friends play , and laughed so hard. so its good in that way I guess

  9. You must be my lost brother, I was exactly the same way growing up. I even drew dinosaurs and sold several pages as a coloring book to other kids in 3rd grade, for the high price of 5 cents!

  10. i still draw em, I always wanted to do a dinosaur comic book…it needs to happen.

  11. This game was awesome! This game has givin me about 50% of my gamerpoints, i have 2323 GPs and I have gotten 570 from Jurassic Park the Game, 485, From Halo 3 : ODST, and 412 from Halo Reach.

  12. Only just heard about this game and the moment and saw gameplay and animation I knew this was the art of telltale 🙂

  13. the gameplay reminds me of pheonix wright :JFA. whitch is a game i like. oh by the way the dilophosauruses were small because they were still babys in the movie.

  14. Nice vid!!! Keep up the amazing content! Check out the most recent episode on our channel when ya have a min and let us hear what ya think.

  15. even if the game has some surreal moments, it's got a much better plot and  more interesting characters than JP3

  16. Did the mosasaur sequence remind anyone else of another really famous Spielberg movie?

  17. Thank god finally somebody knows that the velociraptor is a smaller dinosaur and that the ones in Jurassic park are actually deonicsraptor sorry if I spelled it wrong im just going off the top of my head

  18. The story with the lost embryos god damn… that's what I expected Jurassic Park 2 the movie to be about.

  19. Finally, someone who's giving the game praise for what it is. Screw IGN's review of this game. That guy didn't know what he was talking about.

  20. My pc is a Pentium Dual Core e5300, Radeon 4350, 4gb ddr2. It runs better then Xbox and Ps3. When My pc was just 2GB of ram and without videocard i could play it at 10fps.

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