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Justice League Movie 2017 – Beyond The Trailer


Justice League 2017! Today a breakdown of the upcoming movie in reaction aka review of Batman v Superman with SPOILERS!

Justice League Movie 2017! SPOILERS! Now that you’ve gotten a first look with Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice and met most of the cast, enjoy this breakdown of what we need in the upcoming Justice League movie set for 2017, the next of the upcoming DC movies! Darkseid! Superman dies and is resurrected? Batman and Wonder Woman form the Justice League with Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg? Share your own reaction aka review of what Justice League 2017 should be now that you’ve seen the full movie of Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!

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  1. Good video i think zynder is a good director if he improve his storytelling his movies gonna be Masterpieces and BvS was really good and JL is for zynder because movie gonna be 2 parts that mean he has a lot of time for tell his story and for Bvs 30 minute long director cut is gonna explain some questions.

  2. Are you kidding me? This was the most schizophrenic, most horribly directed, piece of garbage I have ever seen.  If you knew nothing about the backstory you would have been completely lost. They leave it up to you to fill in many blanks, many things don't make sense, there were mistakes galore with the acting. They should have split this up into back to back yearly or even simultaneous movies and hired a much better director. I don't think I have ever seen a movie so ADD. They could have had sooooo much more depth

  3. Look, I respect your opinion, and if you love the movie, the that's great. (I personally liked it, but admit its quite flawed.) But to compare BvS to a Kubrick movie? That's just crazy

  4. im confused. i saw your other video talking about the WB directors choice of justice league and zack synder should go. and i come back here you told us you wanna see another zack snyder movie…

  5. I belive when superman comes back we will get the more confident more commanding superman

  6. I've seen the batman vs superman and to be honest about it I give it four out of ten it was OK

  7. The movie was decent, cmon guys… a 7/10 at least… I liked it better than X-men Apocalypse

  8. I want Superman to be the leader, Batman to be deputy, Wonder Woman to be third and final command. The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg can be important members but not leaders.

  9. Superman's already back- remember the dirt on the coffin rising? Don't k ow whether that means hes back but I don't think hes dead.
    Despite all of this agree with these ideas and great job Grace 🙂

  10. I am a kid, and I didn't like the movie. I understand the seriousness of the movie and I don't think it was the right move. I also disliked Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. I also didn't like the small amount of action. I am a huge Marvel fan but I have nothing against DC, however, the only DC movie I'm looking forward to is Suicide Squad. I do, however know a lot of characters from DC. I still thought that why give us those small cameos, and have us wait a year to actually see them in proper action. I think that we should have seen more of the characters. I would have loved to see Darkseid right at the end of the movie. Also, give us a scene right as they were defeating Doomsday, where the Flash shows up and asks if he can help, but he arrives too late. That's all it needed for me to enjoy the movie.

  11. I'm just watching this and 3 months later I still feel Grace is trying to oversell this movie to seem better than it really was. They had a good concept for a movie but poor execution. One of the reasons I prefer DC over Marvel in terms of comics is because DC has more character development and relatable characters, plus their stories are also much better and more relatable…this movie had none of the above…because I'm a fan I will still go see Justice League, but that's only because I'm a fan, otherwise I would have just stuck with Marvel movies

  12. DCEU biggest problem is getting those who didn't like BvS to see the Justice League film. With such a large audience seeing BvS even if a third or a fourth of the audience do not return to see the Justice League film it will be a major loss. I love the comic and read DC comics and was left unsatisfied with the MoS. I haven't seen BvS until recently. There is nothing in BvS to make me go to a theatrical viewing of Justice League. If WB/DC continue to divide the audience/fan with their depictions of known and favorite characters, the DCEU is doomed to fail. In the DCEU Zack Snyder introduce each major Superhero. He set their tone and show who they are as people and heroes. If the Flash fans, the Aquaman fans or fans of any of the superheroes individually or as a whole say I don't like his interpretation of my favorite character and refused to see the following solo or the next DC/Snyder film, the franchise will suffer.

  13. Zod! He was in Man of Steel and people watch movies plus I'm not super fan and I know who Zod is.

  14. In the movie Batman beats Superman, but in real life Superman could just punch his head off. People just want Batman to win.

  15. Batman vs Superman wasn't as good as thought it was gonna be it seemed a bit rushed to me but I think Justice League will be bette thought thought out and paced looking forward to seeing aquaman on the big screen.

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