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K-Starr Game Reviews – Top 10 Wii Games of All Time


In this edition of K-Starr Game Reviews, Keiro sends off the Wii and ushers in the Wii U by looking back at the 10 best games released for Nintendo’s most underrated and underappreciated console.

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  1. Pretty good list. Little sad that Okami was left off. I know it was originally made for the PS2, but they did clean up the graphics a lot for the Wii (far more colorful and vibrant) and the motion system was practically made for the Celestial Brush techniques. Combined with a great story, hours of gameplay, and high replayability (in my case), it's probably the crown jewel of my Wii collection.

    On the flip side, glad to see a clip of NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams. Silly but oddly fun little game.

  2. thanks. As a matter of fact, I did consider Okami for the list, but when the Last Story was brought to my attention, it massively shuffled the list, and Okami got lost in the shuffle. I guess you could consider Okami to be #11, but looking back, it should've still been on the list. I may do an addendum of "honorable mentions" in the future.

  3. Because the site is dead and no one uses it anymore, so I use it as a kind of filler of sort.

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