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Keegan-Michael Key – ‘Amazon Review Theater: Dr. Seuss + Sun Tzu’ – Wits


Actor/comedian Keegan-Michael Key performs dramatic readings of actual one-star reviews of classic books taken verbatim from Amazon.com. In this edition, Hop On Pop, Green Eggs and Ham, and The Art of War.

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Mythbusters: http://youtu.be/iwvEBC66MOk
Cop Squadron: T-Rex: http://youtu.be/6LZbB9Q5JGk

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  1. In fairness to the Sun Tzu reviewer, s/he was reviewing the translator's commentary and not Sun Tzu's writing itself. S/he wasn't suggesting that you might turn up a book more relevant to the martial arts by switching to a different translation, but that you wouldn't have a book lined with translator's commentary geared towards reading Sun Tzu from a business perspective.

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