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Kia Optima Road Test | Consumer Reports


Watch our Kia Optima Road Test with this video from Consumer Reports. Get more car info on our website: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/cars/index.htm?EXTKEY=I93YT01&CMP=OTC-YUTBE While the Kia Optima isn’t the most exciting car to drive, it’s roomy, fuel efficient and handles securely.

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  1. I checked one of these out 2 months ago because it looks liks a knock off Honda Accord, nice car, dont listen to this guy, the V-6 kicks ass and the interior is up to par as any other midsize car

  2. V6 is a disappointment,it takes 9secs from 0-60.
    i was wondering are kia really good?because i read on a review that its not a smooth ride,you feel the crappy roads,cracks etc?i have civic(flat rear floor) as a choice but have to splash out lots of money and it comes limited most of the stuff are package/optional compared to kia.i want bang for my buck.

  3. If you want a good car and bang for your buck, Kia is a good choice. That's why I bought my Optima. I wanted something midsize, safe, quiet, smooth, and comfortable. A comparable Accord or Camry would have cost THOUSANDS more that I didn't have to spend. I don't regret my decision at all. Very nice car for the money. Optima rides very smooth, but it does ride firm over bumps.

  4. well thats a good review from you and gives more confidence 🙂 this car has a lot of standard features compared to its competitors and very nie price.i think the firmness over bumps could because of the tires(stock),maybe if you change and put different ones it could be better.i think u sold me on this one.first one that i will look at.how much did u buy urs and was it loaded?

  5. I don't know if you're talking about buying one brand-new or used. I bought mine used. 2006.5 with 32k miles for $7,900. Was a great deal. Love the car. Mine is the LX 4cyl. with manual transmission. Has pwr windows/locks/mirrors, 6-speaker CD stereo, A/C. That's what I wanted. If you're talking brand-new fully loaded, it stickers for about $24k.

  6. thats was good deal.i would like to buy a brand new not really fully loaded,but at least with leather seats/pwr windows/locks/heated mirrors,A/C,that would be my main features.i dont worry about stereo because i would defiantly put aftermarket.and i think i could get that on EX?and white in color with beige interior. i saw this guy with an optima 04 with 110,000miles and he saying the engine will blow out?

  7. The EX trim is the one you want then. It is the only trim with leather. LX has cloth. SX has cloth/lthr upholstery. All the other features you mentioned are standard on all Optimas. the EX 4cyl. starts at $20,690 with 4cyl. Forget the V6. It eats a lot more gas and is higher maintenance for only like 25hp more. Not sure what that guy is talking about. I have 50k miles on my 4cyl and it runs like new. The '04 Optima has a different 4cyl engine than the '06.5 and newer models.

  8. ok….this guy is for "consumer".but kia is coming good,how much is a used one with low mileage?i saw a report that kia was among the worst resale cars 🙂

  9. Well that all depends on the year, mileage, and condition. I already told you above what I paid for mine used. I got a really good deal though. Optimas with manual trans tend to sell for less. They are harder to sell since not as many people can or want to drive them. But yes, Kia resale value is bad. They are a super used car value because of it though. Only buy one new if you get it heavily discounted. I saw a dealership selling new man. trans. models new for $12k on Ebay.

  10. ooh'kay….my worry about kia is kia is that it will be expensive to maintain compared to its competitors.how has ur optima been considering it was used one>?i plan to get a car next year and civic,mazda 3(not the newdesign) are considered.but i really like optima 🙂

  11. Kia Optima maintenance is cheap. Not much has to be done the first 100k miles. No timing belt, no tune up, no trans fluid change. I think the only things needing replacement are the filters and those don't cost much more than $20 and you can replace them yourself. Don't forget that if anything goes wrong with your Optima, it has a 10yr/100k mile warranty if bought new, or 5yr/60k mile warranty if bought used. I've put 18k miles on my Optima since buying it used and haven't spent a dime.

  12. thats sounds good :)…i was worried it maybe be expensive to maintain but 10yr-100k miles warranty is good.

  13. 36,000 trouble free miles on the drive train. Bought brand new in 2008. Mine was an 07 sitting on the lot with 2 miles on it. Paid 11k. Love this car for what it is. Get back and forth to work, buy crap at the store and stuff it in the huge trunk.

  14. I'll be getting my first car in a few months and I've really been thinking about getting a Kia. Right now I'm going back and forth between the Optima or the Forte

  15. Just bouth my daughter a KIA Soul and the salesman was talking about trying to get me into a 2009 KIA Optima, new, been sitting on the lot. He said they were going to drastically reduce the price to get rid of the few they still had. Has anyone purchase a 2009 and can give me an idea of what a truley "good price" would be on this car? Thanks.

  16. @fredisaqueef Opt for the SX V6, More fun, More power, EXCELLENT warantee, and its safe, 5 Star crash rating and its reliable. My Source: I own a 04 Kia Optima

  17. @hey which car dealer was this?
    I'm interested in getting this car and i need to know whats up

  18. @DJEddieXZ The V6 is a very poor choice, it's slower than the 4cyl manual. But I assume you'd get an automatic no matter what you drive.

  19. I'll not buy a Korean product due to hearing too many reports of our service personnel being beaten up … and not allowed to go into nightclubs. To me that's outrageous since we've been protecting them from their northern neighbors for so long!

  20. 0:30 – I don't know WHERE this guy is coming from, but my 08 Optima has a lot more road feel and felt more stable than the 2005 Chevy Malibu I replaced with it!  The Malibu electric steering gave ZERO feedback compared to my Optima's hydraulic conventional steering, and the Optima steering centered promptly coming out of a turn.  There's maneuvers I could do in my Optima that I wouldn't dare attempt in the 05 Malibu.

  21. Well I bought mine new back in 2009 and currently have 41000 miles on it. We just finished a 2500 mile trip back in December driving from Texas to Florida and back fully loaded with luggage and it did great. Ours being low millage and always garaged, people still think it is a new car. Even though the styling of this car is 10 years old now. It still looks current. I plan to drive mine for another 15 years.

  22. I have this same car with the 4 cylinder SX model in Ruby Red. It had 7 miles on it when I bought it new and now has just over 63000 miles. The factory battery lasted for over 6 years as did the Michelin tires before being changed last year, which is outstanding especially considering that the car has been outdoors during the coldest winter days and hottest summer days. The air conditioning is still ice cold after all this time. I've never had a problem with the car except the touch screen on the Infinity system went out so I had it replaced with the top of the line Pioneer system which has proven to be much better, especially when it can turn your radio down and allows you to talk on your cell phone hands free with the audio of the call coming in over the car's speakers. The dealer gave me a free lifetime bumper to bumper drive train warranty which does not surprise me having driven this car for just over 8 and a half years with no problems. While there are several great cars on the market to choose from, in my opinion, KIA is one of the best brands on the road today.

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