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Kia Sportage SX review | Consumer Reports


Already stylish and nimble, the Kia Sportage SX top trim level adds more power with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Fancy options like a big panoramic sunroof and a cooled driver’s seat are available. Learn more about the Kia Sportage SX and other SUVs on our website: http://bit.ly/LF1onZ

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  1. Kia is no longer a cheap car company, now they make expensive cars with a cheap badge 🙁

  2. I wonder how roomy the back seat is… Im wondering if a toyota rav4 or a camry would be better than this or if this is better..

  3. They're selling a lot more cars nowadays…so a lot of people care about their improvement.

  4. Yeah, it seems Hyundai has raised prices quite a bit as well The Genesis coupe now tops out in the mid 30s and so does the Kia Optima! You still get quite a lot with kias and hyundais but the value proposition is waning.

  5. Time to Update the LOGO as well, dont you think?
    KIA kept saying their BRAND is PREMIUM to Hyundai, and sells for higher price, it ain't no really better, LOGO SAIDS IT!!

  6. 31,000 for a Kia. I'd never pay that for a car with their history. I'd say It's a bit too soon to be charging those kinds of prices.

  7. I don't like the single color dash and interior surround. I think thats holding Kia back from a bit more stylish interior. When everything is black, it looks cheap.

  8. You guys never even mentioned about the performance, this thing is a blast when you hit the pedal. All you did was bash what you did not like, stop doing soccer mom reviews for a truck soccer moms dont even look at!

  9. First
    ….ford doesn't give s power train warranty of 100,000. Kia does. And fir the guy that said his toyota truck Tacoma… gets better than 29 mpg. Love to see it. And fords new escape….yeah ….sorry .. like like crap. There is nothing attractive about it.
    .I don't own a kia…..but definitely considering it. Also….look at the optima. Oh another thing..I think the interior of this looks awsome.

  10. Just got my 2013 Turbo Sportage and I'm absolutely thrilled about it! I still have my 2004 Kia Sorento that I bought 8yrs ago brand new, 150K miles + and the sucker keeps going!!! The proof is in the pudding – I like Kia's!

  11. We love KIA Sportage… We always did
    my family bought 1st Sportage in 1996: I got my own Sportage in 2007, it was good for work and fun. Last week I traded that strong and faithful SUV for the new 2013 Kia Sportage…The car feels, looks and drives very good… but after a few days of using it we felt really disappointed: No "useful" compartments, no front folding seat, no "flat" bed when folding back seats (it remains in angle), no purse hook in front, little details makes a difference

  12. I've had a 2011 Sortage for over a year now……The gripes about visibility are valid, but that's a trade-off for the undeniable good looks. But the comments about the stiff ride are silly. It's supposed to be stiff for better handling. This is not designed to float along like a Caddy. You either take the bumpy ride or suffer the poor handling of a soft suspension.

  13. towing with a turbo engine? what were you thinking? if you want to tow everyone knows you need a V6 or V8 no matter how light the load. love how people do something silly with their vehicle and then blame it on the brand. had another person tell me recently they would never buy another Honda but they never serviced the vehicle.

  14. I have an old model Sorento (2001) and although it was better than the old crappy Kias, it is still not up there with better quality imports.

  15. One thing i can say……………..This car its awesome……Only your self can say whether this car or any car is good for you…….by driving it…..and believe me when you drive this car……come back and tell me your comments
    I was watching reviews for this car for more that 2 months and only this review and another one they had to say something negative for the car…….and everyone here knows why you don't need me to mention the reason.

  16. Love the comments on the interior – coming from folks I bet who ignore the dark and drab Mazda, Honda and Toyota interiors. I've owned Kias and Hyundais, and I'd put up their reliability numbers gains the Honda (nasty CVT) and Toyota (everything's a pricey option) and Mazda (great ride, but forget getting one well equipped for a decent price) any day. CR readers are thinking of Kia/Hyundai circa 1989.

  17. What kind of review is this? next up kids, the Ferrari, so not spacious… no place to put child seats and gas mileage is not acceptable lol

  18. Driving a KIA Sportage feels no different than driving a 1986 Mazda 323. Now that's awesome. I learned how to drive on a 1986 Mazda 323 when I was in high school back in the late 1990's and you really feel the road. That what the KIA Sportage feels like and that's how a sports car should feel like. Just like a sports car from the 1980's.

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