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Kinect Sports Rivals Review for the Xbox One


Here’s a look at the latest in the Kinect Sports franchise. Does this one prove without a doubt Kinect is a worthy addition to the Xbox One? For the full written review be sure to check out ProjectCOE.com: http://www.projectcoe.com/2014/04/08/kinect-sports-rivals-review/

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  1. As a huge fan of the Kinect Sports series, I cannot wait to try this out. First off, the game looks amazing compared to the first 2. I really loved the soccer game in the original so Im a bit dissapointed in the premise of this one. Will miss the golf game from season 2 as that one was absolutly fantastic. Still wish there was a hockey game though.

  2. If i brought this game, id buy it because of the tennis but your review on it is a let down, perhaps its subjective as other appear to say the tennis is quite accurate..interesting!

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