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Kinect Sports Rivals Review (Xbox One)


Reviewing Kinect Sports Rivals exclusively for the Xbox One console. The next generation Kinect really brings the sense of realism to the latest edition of Kinect Sports. Find out if it’s worth a buy!

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  1. yo when u reviewing a good game? why not tales of vesparia its on 360 or lost odyssey u said u liked them

  2. Hey CG, still waiting on that friend request, and request to see your trophies so I can compare with mine 🙂

  3. Although im not big on motion control gaming this was a good review. When your not bashing anything non xbox you put out good shit dude.

  4. I enjoyed the game, everything besides the bowling. It just didn't work as good as the old one. you are totally right

  5. The bowling in KSR is the best one so far. The only sports I didn't like was Soccer. I didn't like tennis then I learned how to really play it. My favorites are target shooting and climbing because they can be very competitive.

    What I don't like is there is no lobby system so you have to go through quite a bit to get a live opponent.

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