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Kitty Hollywood reviews Kiss Me Kate


Kiss Me Kate – MGM – 1953
Produced by Jack Cummings
Directed by George Sidney
Howard Keel
Kathryn Grayson
Ann Miller
Tommy Rall

I think that one of the more fascinating things that occur over and over again when watching a film made at least 50 years ago, is that you become vividly aware of the differences in culture. You could yell and scream at the screen, or appreciate that the world has changed and wonder what the world is going to look like in another 50 years. I am glad that (sometimes, in some places) the world is better for women. I am sad that there is less tap-dancing.

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  1. Enjoyed your review of "Kiss Me Kate."  You seem very knowledgeable about the stars you talk about.  Let me ask you this then.   If "Kiss Me Kate" was such a success for MGM why then did Kathryn Grayson fail to ever make another film for MGM after "Kiss Me Kate?"  Miss Grayson was under contract to MGM since 1942 or so and then after "Kiss Me Kate"  MIss Grayson never again starred in a motion picture except for a rather obscure film she did three years after "Kiss Me Kate" called "The Vagabond King."  Did MGM terminate Miss Grayson from her contract after "Kiss Me Kate"?  The fact that Miss Grayson never again worked for MGM after "Kiss Me Kate" must mean that MGM  did not think much of her performance in the film.  Deanna Durbin would have been better than Miss Grayson.  Miss Durbin was a better actress with more nuances to her acting technique whereas Miss Grayson tends to over act in all of her pictures.  Ann Miller on the other hand got her MGM contract renewed for another seven years based on her performance in "Kiss Me Kate."

  2. Oooh, NEVER saw this one!  I LOVE the soundtrack of this show (think it's the one from Broadway in late '90s or early '00s)!  Gotta check it out soon…

  3. One of my favourite lines from Cole Porter's output –
    " Oh where is Lisa, the lovely Lisa,
    she gave a new meaning to the Leaning Tower if Pisa "

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