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Kitty Hollywood reviews: Picnic


Released by Columbia Pictures
Based on the play ‘Picnic’ by WIlliam Inge
Screenplay by Daniel Taradash
Directed by Joshua Logan

William Holden
Kim Novak
Cliff Robertson
Susan Strasberg
Betty Field
Arthur O’Connell
Rosalind Russell

Jack Moffitt from the Hollywood Reporter called it “One of the sexiest pictures I’ve ever seen” (no really, it’s on the DVD cover). But you and I know that he was basically talking about That Scene.

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  1. Found you by accident and enjoy your reviews – so far they are spot on. Kim Novak and Bill Holden. I remember this as one of the early color films shown on American TV.

  2. It is indeed a good movie, and I recommend that people read the play as well. Like "Come Back, Little Sheba" (also by William Inge), it is a short, powerful work of art.

  3. Uncle Jimmie Wong Howe was pleased with Haskell Wexler's helicopter shot at the end. Of course, Wexler went on to film "American Graffiti."

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