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Kitty Hollywood reviews: Pillow Talk


This week: the lightest, fluffiest, cheekiest, and sharpest bit of business going around in 1959 – Universal’s Pillow Talk.

Just in time for Mardi Gras too!

Doris Day
Rock Hudson
Tony Randall
Thelma Ritter

Written by Stanley Shapiro & Maurice Richlin.
Directed by Michael Gordon.
Produced by Ross Hunter & Martin Melcher.
Costumes by Jean Louis.

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  1. Wow, 11 out of 10. Nice review, your enthusiasm and knowledge of the films backstories are a joy to behold, keep up the good work – and seeing as the Holiday season is upon us, might I suggest you consider doing a review of another great Rom Com from the same time period – Bell, Book, and Candle….? I've always loved that one, and I wish it were easier to get on Blu-Ray.

  2. What a lovely review! I watched the movie recently and really enjoyed it! I'm so glad I found your channel on youtube as I really like old classic movies and your videos are really helpful. I like the concept of the backstage stories and all these little details you talk about. Fantastic work, I subscribed and can't wait to watch more.

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