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Kitty Hollywood reviews: Something in the Wind


Universal – 1947
Directed – Irving Pichel
Music – Johnny Green and Leo Robin
Costumes – Orry-Kelly
Deanna Durbin
Donald O’Connor
John Dall

I love this film. I love it sooooo much. Is it a bit silly? Undoubtedly? Are there weak spots? YES. I mean, who just naturally travels from ‘we need to talk to this girl’ to ‘Let’s Kidnap Her!!’? But does it matter – ach, not really. Who hasn’t loved something completely irrationally at some point in their lives?

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  1. Great review about this film, refreshing and honest. Totally agree about everything said. You will not find another Deanna Durbin film with more of her singing than this one, show casing her amazing versatility.  And the reviewer did not even mention her sultry performance of "You Wanna Keep Your Baby Lookin' Right" in the salon scene, or Donald O'Conner and the Williams brothers singing and scatting to the "Turntable Song" in the balcony scene.

  2. Excellent review. For more about this great movie Google Search: SOMETHING IN THE WIND DEANNA DURBIN DEVOTEES.

  3. You might add that Deanna Durbin  fought a losing battle with the studio for better screenplays.   She actually convinced the studio to cast her in a dramatic film in which she does not play her usual wholesome singing self.   The film was called "Christmas Holiday." However,  the fans didn't like to see Durbin in dark shadows, heavy lipstick, low-cut necklines and murky melodrama and so the fans wrote in to the studio protesting her role in "Christmas Holiday." The fans demanded a return of the Deanna they knew and loved.  So back Deanna went to her usual singing wholesome self.  Deanna soon tired of the image and that is why she gave up and went to Paris.  And what did she do in Paris all those years?  No one seems to know.  Maybe she did nothing.  So she didn't like the screenplays or her image.  Is that any reason to go into seclusion and do nothing the rest of your life?  Or maybe she kept herself occupied in ways we don't know.  Kitty I would love for you to review Deanna's film "Christmas Holiday" as it was her one opportunity to abandon her wholesome image.

  4. I also loved this film and its a pity that Deanna Durbin retired few years after she made this film.She and Donald OConnor were brilliant together and her Trovatore duet wityh Jan Peerce was amazing

  5. I loved, loved, loved this movie. I watch it over and over and never tire of it. Deanna only made two more movies, but she really shined in this one.

  6. Thank you for the snippet of Donald O'Connor dancing. If you start at 3:58 then slow the footage to .25 speed you will see how difficult the number was. He really jumps up high when he does the toe touch. He always went for the extreme physical ends for his numbers. Watch Applied Mathematics at slow speed and you will see this. Also, the cabinet door magically closes on it's own.

  7. Great review, loved the movie, I would love to see you review Christmas Holiday, which she considered her favorite picture

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