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Kitty Hollywood reviews The Magnificent Seven


United Artists
Directed by John Sturges
Produced by Walter Mirisch, Lou Morheim and John Sturges
Yul Brynner
Steve McQueen
Charles Bronson
Horst Buchholz
James Coburn
Brad Dexter
Robert Vaughan
Eli Wallach

Aw, this is just the best movie. Yul Brynner decided that he looked so good in black (in Westerns) that he stuck to it for Westworld. There’s a great Making Of short about this film as well : “Guns for Hire: The Making of the Magnificent Seven” that had heaps of terrific information. You’ll probably go on to watch The Great Escape after this because you’re in the mood for top notch ensemble pieces.

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  1. I saw 'Seven Samurai' recently (the 3 hour plus version) and 'Magnificent Seven' is not just a carbon copy. I was surprised that it combines characters and story elements, introduces new elements and significantly reworks the core ideas and changes the whole tone and style of storytelling. I'm also surprised that (with the ever present Mexican censor) some of the villagers are seen to sell-out the seven to Eli Wallach's character, or even that the villagers are divided about what to do once the going gets tough. It's more of a companion piece to the Kurosawa original than a strict remake.

  2. She gave a good review as far as the things she said, but she needs to tone down her constant arm waving and hand gestures. It never lets up. That's so distracting!

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