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Kitty Hollywood reviews: The More the Merrier


I cannot find enough delighted tones in order to speak properly of this film. I think the best way to describe this is to call it a subtle, clever, slapstick comedy. It is funny and sexy and witty. The three actors are sublime. Just watch it.

Columbia Pictures – 1943
Directed: George Stevens
Jean Arthur
Joel McCrea
Charles Coburn

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  1. George Stevens is a top director who I only have one consistent issue with. His sophistication usually comes at the expense of pacing. Example: the final scene in 'Shane' goes on far too long and looses impact.

  2. Just discovered your channel and I really appreciate your work… I'm a big fan of American cinema and I thought I'd read everything there was… I'm still learning new stuff watching your reviews. Very interesting! The More the merrier is one of my favourites… You probably know… It was remade in 1966, starring Cary Grant, Jim Hutton and Samantha Eggar, set during the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

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