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Kitty Hollywood reviews: The Music Man


The Music Man – 1962 – Warner Brothers
Created by: Meredith Willson
Produced and Directed: Morton da Costa
Choreography: Onna White
Costumes: Dorothy Jeakins
Robert Preston
Shirley Jones
Buddy Hackett
Paul Ford
Hermione Gingold
Ron Howard

Don’t question. Just watch. It’s a commitment, but it is one that will repay you thousand fold. Do it.

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  1. I take issue with your statement that it is Julie Andrews' stand-in on top of the mountain in The Sound of Music. For one thing, director Robert Wise states in the DVD commentary that the only time Julie's stand-in is seen in the film is when Maria and the children are climbing trees. Secondly, Julie has often talked about how difficult it was to time her stride to match the helicopter and that the downdraft from the copter knocked her down in the grass take after take. What is your basis for this assertion?

  2. Great review, Kitty! Haven't seen Music Man in ages. I didn't know Larri Thomas was in this, although I spotted her giving it her all in the long tracking shot you used from 'Wells Fargo'. Like certain women in Bubsy Berkeley numbers, or the male dancers of Jack Cole and Michael Kidd, she's one of those familiar faces that I always scan for in movies of particular eras. Also, just read your blog. What's your thing with Vera-Ellen?? I like her! 🙂

  3. i just finished binge watching all of your videos and i enjoyed them very much. you are very engaging!
    i share your enthusiasm for this movie…imho the best musical ever made. it is perfection.
    i am also a huge dorothy jeakins fan…i think this film might be the pinnacle of her career.
    hope you will be filming more reviews soon!

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