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Koru’s Game Reviews: Deadly Creatures (Wii)


Who do you like to play as more? The Spider? Or the Scorpion?

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  1. First, i guess… lol. Great review. Too bad i dont have a Wii and my 360 broke so all my entertaiment in video games are retro. Are you thinking of getting a capture card 'cause í see that you took the footage with a camera. Its not a major problem but sometimes pretty annoying.

  2. I only do PS2 and Wii reviews with a camera. I'll be getting a capture card soon though.

  3. I have the same issue, where you get a loading screen. i was thnking of buying an official Nintendo lens cleaner disc on Play Asia, cuz' i thought these where caused by a dirty lens, but i guess that if i'm not the only one who experiences that, it may be not linked to that. I'm getting e lens cleaner disc anyway, just in case. So, i bought this game a few days ago, and i'm rather satisfied. I didn't have much time to play it yet, cuz' i bought House of the Dead…

  4. Sound good. Just remember keeping the volume of your tv just right so it wont mess up the video… 😀

  5. It's quite an interesting final fight. Not to mention you have to sting the guy there 3 times before escaping his home.

  6. its kinda like Cod WaW cuz u in cod its american then russian, american, then russian but this actually looks kinda fun

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