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Kwing Game Reviews – Bust A Move Universe (3DS) Review!


Bust-A -Move Universe 3DS review featuring Kwife! Is Bust A Move Universe worth owning on your 3DS? Watch our review to find out!

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  1. Ok wait wait wait. Is this a Bubble Bobble game or not? (spin off included). Why was this not posted on KwifeReviews as well XD Beautiful voice, watching this at 12:25AM and her voice almost lulled me to sleep

  2. @narutofano03

    soon, i want to make sure the visual quality is the best Im able to do. That's why I started with our other 3DS games. SSF4 is the best 3DS game on the market and an excellent SSF game on its own.

  3. Excellent review kwife, "Well Lets see, what didn't I like about this game?"
    lul Its official, kwing and kwife are the same person

  4. great review kwife! Hope kwing gets better, but until then you are doing a great job!

  5. kwife your voice is so easy to listen to nice job on the review and same to you kwing you've been my favorite reviewer here on youtube for a couple years now I think! Also I really enjoyed your cd release I always liked the guitar in the start of many of your reviews. The Lego Star wars couple reviews have been great so far too!

  6. now i want to play a bust-a-move game. awesome review KWife and hope ya get to feeling better KWing.

  7. i tried the link to see what it was and nothing happened does it need a r triple w?

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