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Kwing Game Reviews – Kirby’s Dream Land (GB/3DS) Review


Kirby’s Dream land is now on the 3DS’s virtual console for $3.99. But is this classic game worth your time? Watch my video review of Kirby’s Dream land to find out. This review was filmed with Super Gameboy.

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  1. i thought kirby was named after someone who work for nintendo of america whos last name was kirby

  2. i picked this game up at a pawn shop last year for about $8 and man was it worth it. this game is so much fun. one of my favorites

  3. Just, because I know you are a musician I think you would enjoy CSGuitar89's guitar covers of original game music meaning Zelda warp songs, Mario map themes, and even the Family Guy theme song (though it does not fit it still made me laugh). just thought I would let you know.

  4. @TheJoeStudios

    More laid back and shorter length. My 2009 vids were 15 to 40 mins in length up to early 2010. Most 2007 vids were under 6 mins, except the mario vids that were 10 mins or more. These are still pretty indepth compared to many others on the net, but are in smaller viewing size and take hardly anytime to make. The points bad and good, are simple and to the point.

  5. nintendo needs to put the pokemon games on 3ds (red blue yellow crystal gold or silver it doesn't matter)

  6. @Frijolero18 Yeah, you're right. Miyamoto just told Game Informer that at E3. I guess he really wasn't named after a vacum.

  7. yours are the best reviews I've seen yet on sites or you tube. Thank You… and I've been to dozens if not hundreds of sites.

  8. OMG! lol I have this game running on my gameboy right now xD I forgot to shut off my gameboy, thanks for remembering now I will shut it off :p

    I always loved this game, I played it since I was in kindergarden :p

  9. @kNIGHTWING01 pfft. that flying cloud thing was a piece of cake. now what i hate is that FREAKING BLIMP!

  10. @0Achicaru0 3D classics, sice you can get the abilities of enemies, but in dream land, you can't, plus classics is in 3d.

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  12. I love Kirby's Dream Land when I I first got it. That brings me my love for Kirby. I've recently downloaded the game from the Nintemdo E-shop for my Nintendo 3DS. This really takes me back.

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