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Kwing Game Reviews – Pilotwings Resort Review (3DS)


Pilotwings Resort Review Nintendo 3DS. Pilotwings is back and this time its on the 3DS. Was this game good enough for a launch tile or does this game crash in flames? Watch the Pilotwings Resort Review for the 3DS to find out.

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  1. @kNIGHTWING01
    I am an NES fan. That was a great time to be a kid, but now a days they are only marketing to kids. If they had the more adult titles like PS3 or XBox 360 they would own the world. Great insight K-Wing! That's why your the best reviewer on the web!

  2. @JanettySupportTour starfox, ledgend of zelda, Street fighter, Dead or alive, kingdom hearts

  3. I've been playing this game nonstop since day 1 of the 3ds. It rules! Too bad it's the same level as wii sports resort though.

    only a few more levels to get perfect on then i'm 100% done!

  4. fuck yea pilotwings, that game is freakin rare,i hope the new one doesnt suck.

    the old one from n64 was a masterpiece

  5. @ignika98 Woah, Sorry not everyone is as impatient and a diehard buttfan for it as you, but the reason people say that is because we feel it deserves some improvement. If "people like us" are not satisfied with the product and would rather wait for a better release, it is the same as saying, "I wouldn't mind not getting a 3ds until, if ever, the design improves". The intelligence of little kid fanboys astounds me.

  6. i have a 3ds, i find it really hard to keep the sweetspot, regardless of the settings, on the 3d bar, i wonder if anyone else has this problem, aside from that i really like it.

  7. Grr…this is making me want to play this game. I have it, but I don't have my 3DS with me right now. Anyways, THERE'S A 3DS CAPTURE DEVICE????!!!! OMGOMGOMG. lawlz.

  8. @ecartman12

    Press only, no it will not be available to the public. Also not every publication will have one either.

  9. @kNIGHTWING01 Could you tell me very briefly how the capture device works? I am really into this stuff and would really like to know. Thanks

  10. @ecartman12

    When I get it will show you guys, it plus into the place where pop the games in. And the 3DS games go inside what looks like a big portable hard drive that plugs in.

  11. @gEarcor112 No…I dont think so atleast..Theres more Content and Replay value in star wars

  12. How did you capture this so well, and without scan lines?

    Also, if you get any info on that capture device, please hit me up. They gave me a vague answer when I wrote their PR 🙁

  13. @MrV902

    Brightness setting 2 or 3, low light, and had the system on flat surface like a desk. THought it was very hard to play it that way. The capture card is press only and my new contact at NOA is doing all they can to help me get more info about and lease it. Thought to lease it, the system is about 3K, not minus shipping from Japan and if you damage the system you need to pay it in full.

  14. @kNIGHTWING01 Thanks for the tips. I considered calling them directly, but 3K? Geez, I do this stuff for free 🙁

    Maybe one day, then.

  15. the miis also replaced mario in new super mario bros mii…. watch out link, you may be next

  16. The miis will replace everything,soon enough it will replace all of us aswell…

  17. listen humans! we are the miis. we have control of ur games and are now coming for u! u will all be upgraded into miis. u will become identicle, u will become like us. we are miis. hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  18. Why not an F-Zero game for 3ds? I liked the F-Zero for the gamecube…tinkering and painting your own vehicles…

  19. i love the mii idea for nintendo. if you hate nintendo characters for some reason which you are crazy then you can't hate yourself if you made a mii version of you. love how they get thier own game and playable character in some games like sonic colors and mario and sonic games. they do like the idea of mii if they are expanding it with miiverse in wii u,soon 3ds and phone. microsoft well…to me "avatars" kinda look like miis and seems like they stole the idea i think.

  20. nice review. true, this games doesnt seem to have that same flavor and vibe the previous ones had.but it seems fun. this and many other video reviews have convinced me to get it! good review Knightwing! i recently made a pilotwings snes review. if you or anyone else wants to see it, please enter the channel and see the videogames playlist.

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