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Kwing Video game Opinions – The Awesome Spiderman Critique


The Awesome Spiderman Critique. Enable me know your Beloved Spider-Male match in the opinions down below. Mine is Top Spiderman. Also Like, Share and Subscribe. Many thanks for Looking at!

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  1. Good review! I really like this game, but hey, to each his own!
    What amazes me the most, however, is how it still costs 70 euros (about 90 dollars) on the Playstation Store. Months after its release. 

  2. 01:37 AAAAAAAAAAAHAHA, "guy you get a HIGH FIVE for originality… up top!" … hahaahha… aint nothing like some good old funny sarcastic shit to say to make you laugh out loud, hahahaha, i would hate you if i was a developer that worked on spiderman, hahahahah

    that shit was funny… hahahahaha… 

  3. reviewer is an idiot – it's one of the better s-m games in years .. (beenox should have kept the swinging mechanics for the sequel also and do a little more polish on it ..)

  4. I love spidey, but your right…. This game just lige the sequal takes No risks and theres almost No Meat on the bones. Bought, played it and sold as soon as i could to make back some of the money spendt purchasing it.

  5. dude you are so wrong the web slinging is amazing the combat you were roght on that the graphics are awesome

  6. All though I admit the web rush mod isn't good it is useful for bombs and not being known as a terrorist

  7. my favorite has to go to web of shadows, web swinging may not be as realistic but it's just as fun and the combat is the best combat in a spider-man game

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