Home Gadget Review Kyocera Echo Simul-Task review – Engadget

Kyocera Echo Simul-Task review – Engadget


Kyocera Echo Simul-Task review – Engadget

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  1. I actually really like the two screens, but that is pretty much all that is great about this phone, the rest of it would be a bit of a downgrade from my Evo 4G.. so I won't be getting it.

  2. RayWilliamJohnson…LoooL
    I love the form factor, im seriously thinking of getting one..

    Real life – True – Multitasking

  3. Pretty ballsy move…but it kinda works. This should open up innovation into thinner and lighter screen tech.

  4. If your making a 2 screen multitasking phone, you put a DUAL CORE in and 1gb of ram! Not ingle core and 512mb……. Dumbasses

  5. make this: dual core, thinner, better screen resolutions and no black line in the middle and i will totally buy it

  6. i had this phone 4 a while its a little slow and the double screen stops bein amazing after da 3rd day….

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