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Leap Movement controller assessment | Engadget


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When the Leap Movement controller was uncovered to the environment, it introduced with it the guarantee of a new and one of a kind laptop or computer person practical experience. And, ever because we initially bought to see what the Leap Movement controller could do — grant folks the means to interact with a laptop or computer by waving their fingers and fists — we have preferred 1 of our personal to exam out. Very well, our desire was granted.

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  1. It's going to happen, sooner or later. Though I guess it's later rather than sooner, the technology is still pretty new.

  2. You will always having some form of physical controls. I'd also point out for gaming this kind of controller free gaming isn't always more realistic it's less so in most cases since you don't play golf with an invisible club or shoot with an invisible gun.

  3. I bought one but my experience consisted of inaccuracy and hand fatigue. It was a good step into the future, but it just fell too short. I'm sure the developers felt how hard it was to use, but I'm sure they had a deadline to meet and investors to pay back unfortunately

  4. If it doesn't do what it's supposed to do: allow you to control your computer better than the current means of control, it's not a step forward. Overall, it doesn't really make sense to control your computer this way. Having hands suspended in the air doesn't make sense. It might have its specialized uses where it's actually better than mouse, but other than that, it's just a gimmick.

  5. I am a fan of new technology, yet I know that there is always limitations and I appreciate the honest review. I like what I see coming though. It's a new world coming up and good to understand some of what to expect.

  6. this rotation problem is easy to fix as well as the elbow. this is because it needs 2 axises one from your monitor and one underneath, it would just take software to connect the two inputs and created a great output on screen SO it is Very close. i would buy it just to fun the advancements.

  7. That's a great idea! I hope they take advantage of it, and incorporate it in an available software.

  8. I just want voice controls for windows and motion controls from going back and forward through pages on google in a few years maybe…

  9. $80.00 for what ? To watch your hands on the screen and make childish music, so what.Wont be long and it will be in the junk drawer

  10. Everything I do on the laptop needs precise control so I doubt I'll ever use this. If they marketed this for smart TVs it would make a killing. Sitting back changing channels and light web browsing on your big screen without the need of a remote? Well worth it.

  11. Looks fun! Not sure what I'd use it for, maybe finger painting, or possibly 3D modeling if I could find a way to do that.

  12. "too imprecise" is just wrong, it's actually to precise and software developers have to rethink the usage of the gestures!

  13. i was hoping it controlled all windows interface. i guess thats to much to ask for. still cool but its helpful to know its still just a toy with a handful of tricks. would of also been cool to couple leap with software like dragon, voice & gesture control. can't wait for a perfected tool like this. drafting and 3D modelings gonna rock.

  14. I got one, but it is a disappointment. It has trouble interpreting my hand motions, and its impossible to do anything practical.

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