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Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon review | Engadget


Finally, though, Lenovo went and refreshed it, bringing it into the modern age with fresh processors, a thinner and lighter design and an ultra-high-res 2,560 x 1,440 screen option. In addition to tweaking the original, though, Lenovo also overhauled the keyboard, adding an “adaptive panel” whose shortcuts change depending on what app you’re using

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  1. UK pricing – £1,672.80 – £1,800.00 – £1,833.60 – £1,856.40 === OUCH!!!!!!!


    for that price i could get a much more powerful laptop with a powerful graphics card as well at novatech. and the good thing bout novatech, BLOATWARE free and i am still sticking with windows 7 oh how i hate thee windows 8. if they are going to adopt the style of windows 8 and do not come back similar UI and functions of windows 7, i am going with apple. oh how i hate that windows 8. 

  2. Thank you for the review.
    You said at the end that there are better ultra laptops. what would be your top choice?
    i am thinkpader and honestly was wishing that this will be the one. i am not sure now if it is the right one

  3. Thanks for the detail on the changes on the keyboard (aside from the adaptive). no other reviews does that.

  4. i kinda like the idea of removing the caps lock key. i'd have to use the machine to be sure, but if it means less accidental hitting of caps lock, i don't see why you shouldn't just make it a feature on the shift key. again though, putting it as a double tap on shift might turn out to be even worse and result in more accidental caps lock hitting. but it's cool to see them trying something new

  5. Too many learning curves.
    -function keys
    -touchpad/trackpoint button

  6. Wow. No SD card reader? Seriously? What were they thinking? I'm shopping for a new laptop and almost plopped down 1,600.00 for this machine – but no SD card reader is a deal breaker!

  7. I think I'm getting this rather than macbook air. The keyboard for my old macbook got super crappy after a year of use x_x

  8. need review for 2015 model – thank you and following questions for 2015 model 🙂 thanks 

  9. I truly hate this machine.  I am accidentally hitting F1 with my ring finger all the time.  The side by side backspace/delete is the worst layout.  Function keys sometimes no response.  Screen brightness and backlight functions are in different adaptive menus.  Battery seems to be low all the time, can't even make it though a 2 hour meeting at work.   I'm about to throw it out of the fn window.

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