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Lexus HS 250h Review | Consumer Reports


This Lexus HS hybrid combines impressive fuel economy, upscale amenities and interior finish, but the sedan falls short of Lexus’s standards of refinement. Find out more about hybrid vehicles and other cars on our web site http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/cars/index.htm?EXTKEY=I93YT01&CMP=OTC-YUTBE

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  1. why not just make a lexus es hybrid? couldn't they have just used the same camry hybrid layout with the lexus posh? might have saved toyota some money there?

  2. as for me i see this as a great car if they put ALOT of improvements, i like the electronic features and stuff, but they should it make it a bit larger for more leg and head room like a 2010 camry

  3. civic hybrid gets 45mpg, prius gets like 60mpg… and this junk only gets 33mpg? you guys call that a hybrid????

  4. Looks OK, but too much like a 9th generation Corolla. Also, it's very overpriced & heavy for its size. I'd much rather buy a Camry Hybrid because it's roomier, has the same engine with better fuel economy & quickness & costs a lot less.

  5. Check out autoblog you fucking moron's…….. This car was just discontinued because of weak sales…….. Im not surprised seeing as lexus is trying to pass this garbage vehicle off as premium, worst fuckin interior I have ever seen on a so called premium vehicle

  6. Typical Consumer Reports review. If the car doesn't handle like a 911 GT3, ride like a 460L and have the reliability of a Toyota Camry, they are negative about it. They are TOO nitpicky! I test drove one yesterday with 53K miles, without the nav, and it drove, rode and handled very well. Yes, there are some things that perhaps they could have done better, but overall, it's a great car. Don't let the negative Nancy's at CR stop you from taking a test drive! Excellent Car!!!!

  7. Not to mention the car will outlast any Ford Fusion nonsense. Outside of amenities that is sole reason to buy a Lexus, quality.

  8. The Lexus HS should make a comeback with 3 engine options a standard 203 hp A25A-FKS, optional 241 hp 8AR-FTS 2.0 turbo, and optional 225 hp A25A-FXS hybrid. A new HS would be an excellent competitor in the entry luxury sedan segment.

  9. $49,000 for a Lexus Corolla.
    But the HS250h makes more sense in Japan because they prefer compact cars. The reason it's so expensive is that the features for the flagship LS are in the HS. Despite that, it's still overpriced.

  10. What does she know like she own one don't talk unless you personally have one. Always negatively about every car on the market.

  11. Good honest review, she's right on all accounts, we have this rather sad hybrid. Sales figures were a joke the 3 yrs it offered

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