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LG G Pad 8.3 review | Engadget


LG G Pad 8.3 review. LG tries. It tries for US relevance, but the company’s product offerings — usually its smartphones — consistently lack the je ne sais quoi necessary to succeed. The G Pad, an 8.3-inch Android tablet that recently debuted at IFA 2013, could break that dry spell, becoming the first serious competitor to the iPad mini’s styling and the first high-profile LG tablet. Is it filled with bleeding-edge specs? No, not really.

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  1. If lg would have bumped up the specs any futher then the price wouldn't be where its at. I have this tablet and it runs flawlessly for me, no lag whats so ever. Knock on works every time:-) so far I really like it and the price for these awesome specs are just right:-) GO LG!!!

  2. I have a problem with this kinds of reviews because it is very misleading.
    1.) He mentioned that the snapdragon 600 is not enough to provide a smooth experience. But then he didn't even show any signs of slowdown. where is the lag? Can you at least show it?? 
    2.) at blah2 you can get a nexus 7 or kindle fire ….. but you never really mentioned that pros and cons of the LG G Pad. All i hear is CONS. Nexus 7 had a very shit Quality control. GPS not working, device rebooting, display not well calibrated. Ugly excessive bezel on top and bottom… Good luck with that. Then there is the kindle fire which limits your freedom of using android software.. 

    I am not on the LG bandwagon or what. Its just frustrating to see this so called "REVIEW" but is very misleading. 

  3. Pretty rough review. Don't like that he's comparing it to the Ipad mini retina witch hadn't even came out at that time and now people are having issues with it's screen….

  4. It's a shame LG didn't use the same processor and memory specs as they use in the Nexus 5.
    Being a manufacturer of components you would think they could out do most companies.
    Nice visual design.

  5. I instantly got pissed off when he sad "which doesn't come out for a couple of months".  Really?  You're that far up Apple's ass that you just automatically give it a good review when it hasn't even come out yet?

  6. There's nothing wrong with the snapdragon 600. That's what's in the S4 and that's no slouch. Anyhow I'm ordering this for £180, however it was worth the original £260 price tag IMO.

  7. i just got one and i had ipad mini, blackberry playbook, and use a galaxy S4, 
    I think the Gpad will run smoother with kitkat, and its worth every penny….

  8. This wasn't a review but merely an quick walk through. Lazy presentation, very poor effort.

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