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LGR – Battleship – PC Game Review


Taking a look at the 1996 Windows PC game from Hasbro Interactive. It’s no longer just traditional Battleship, now it’s got a ton of FMV and extraneous game modes to pad things out!

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  1. The world domination mode is very reminiscent of the Game Boy version of Battleship, which was awesome – different weapons, ship types, and the like, it was a full-blown game that could have stood without the license (which it did, in Japan at least, as Navy Blue, it only became a tie-in when it came to US shores for some reason).

  2. i enjoyed world domination myself. set max points to 3600 and do 3 fleets 2 of 4 battleships with 2 super carriers each and one fleet of ballistic missle subs. game play was easy just had to play enough

  3. Genuine question, if you were able to rent this from the library, how did they keep you from installing it on your computer and basically keeping it for yourself?

  4. I loved Battleships as a kid! 🙂

    Years ago I made a game for iOS for a one player version with a difference, its a puzzle type Battleship game, just for shits and giggles, here it is here converted to Windows: http://www.dabzy.co.uk/files/LogicBattleships.zip

    It made me a few quid back in the day, but I give up with iOS dev, its swamped with bollocks now and not worth the effort!

  5. the movie turn my anger to 11.. maybe it's need to be analysed beter. but i was sick of it very-very much'

  6. Am I weird or something? I absolutely loved the extra game modes as a kid; I played them far more than the classic mode. It just clicked with me for some reason. My mind must just work differently….

    Also, I think it was this game that had a different executable for more options for "classic" mode. I seem to remember it allowing for different "house rules" such as choosing a bunch of shots before actually firing any or getting to go again if you hit. Maybe it was a different game, but I thought it was this one….

  7. This review is totally wrong and pure opinion. This game was DOPE as FUCK when it was released. So poo tight!

  8. Ah nostalgia. I remember playing this as a kid, mostly the 2nd, "filler" part. It was before I could even read so I had no idea what was going on, after trial and error I managed to get a general idea on how to destory enemy fleets and bases, and eventrally I managed to detonate a nuke or have a nuke detonated on me, not sure exactly, I just took it as I won the game.

  9. I owned a more recent Battleship game for the computer. I don't recall the exact year, but there was an arcade mode where you sailed a battleship around islands and stuff while shooting at enemy ships with your broadside cannons. I think it may have had the subtitle Surface Thunder.

  10. Strange game. The only winning move is not to play.
    How about a nice game of chess?

  11. I remember that game. That and some Win95-era pixel-graphics WW2 battleship game were a larger part of my childhood than I'd usually care to admit.

  12. For as bad as the battleship movie was, the way the included the mechanic of the board game I think was relatively clever.

  13. I remember going head to head with my uncle on his old AMD machines. Great childhood memories and makes more sense now knowing it came with two disc.

  14. The world domination one, I played that a lot, really loved it back in those days, its been forever since I saw it lol.

  15. It's a battleship as big as a battleship. A non-flying, very normal battleahip.

  16. The movie was actually pretty good; we're not talking Oscar's material here, but it was OK (& kudos for Rhianna's yankee accent!)…

  17. I'd love to see you get into the mid-90s FMV Clue PC game – either as a review or a Let's Play!

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