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LGR – Burgertime – Arcade, INTV, PC Game Review


Burgers! Time! It’s time for Burgertime! Throw pepper in the faces of anthropomorphic food and stomp on ingredients at the arcade, on the Intellivision, and via PC Booter disk.

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  1. The Intellivision capture is washed-out compared to the actual imagery, as seen on a CRT. Maybe you need a better capture device or software, because the burgers WERE brown… As so were the buns, golden-so. And the hot-dogs were also a deeper shade brown… More reddish, if you will.

  2. Oh Man! So good. I remember in the early 80's going to my aunt and uncle's house, and sitting in the living room playing this on their Intellivision. Your reviews are such a time capsule for me. Loving this stuff!

  3. I can just imagine PushingUpRoses was playing BurgerTime on her Intellivision when the Mountain Dew spilled.

  4. Another arcade favorite! Damn I miss the 80s, sooo much fun to be had in those days :3 (goes ahead and fires up MAME for old times sake).

  5. I loved BurgerTime on the Intellivision. It was one of my all time favorite game on that system, and in general too.

  6. Great review! I love this game, I started playing it recently for the first time in decades via emulation on my hacked Vita and I can't stop, the gameplay has held up phenomenally. Super addictive, fun and perfect for portable gaming. I had no idea has an IBM port, that looked very nice. Thanks

  7. The Commodore 64 version had a completely different theme tune. For a while I wondered if the copy I had was a bootleg or something; I'm still not sure what the deal was with that.

    By the way, what did you use to capture the composite video? It looks almost as sharp as an emulator but I never heard of DOSBox being able to emulate composite color before.

  8. Game or not, who would want a burger someone stepped all over? Just be fortunate Peter Pepper didn't add the secret sauce as Sonic did…

  9. you forgot about the Coleco Vision version of this game

    (i think that console did the game a little better than the intellavision did

  10. I remember it on the PC with a Composite Monitor the Burgers looked so realistic to me at the time that it made me hungry for real Hamburgers.

  11. Just found your channel, and am wondering if this is all your own gameplay? If so, dude, you suck at this game! ;p

    But great review, and thanks for bringing back the old Intellivision memories! <3

  12. I love the Intellivision port. Best. Port. Ever. It even came with these cute coupons for Burger King.

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