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LGR – Chip’s Challenge 2 – PC Game Review


Considered vaporware since 1992, but finally the sequel to Chip’s Challenge is a released game! How does it stack up after over 20 years of waiting?

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“Fly Away” by Otis McDonald

“Fig Leaf” from the Chip’s Challenge 2 soundtrack

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  1. It's a shame he didnt/couldnt release it for win3.1/95 so it could be installed side by side with the original… oh well 🙁

  2. what is twenty five cm long, is a thick as a banana, and is attached to someone named S.N.N?

  3. OH I remember Chips challenge. Used to play it all the time. Great fun.

    Also I (still) have crap lap top that can't do 1080p60 or 720p60. Would it be possible to have a hd version of the video 30fps. Maybe its just me.

  4. This is really funny but happy news, not that I care much about the game myself. But OMG, how long did that animation of most of the levels take you Clint?!

  5. Hey LGR! Running with scissors just released a DLC for postal 2 a week ago! You should check it out!

  6. Hi LGR, have you considered having personal interviews with old game developers like him?

  7. Brilliant! The original Chip's Challenge was one of my favourite games for the Lynx.

  8. I put so many hours into the Atari Lynx Version. It is a top 50 of all time for me! By the way, it looked like garbage on Windows. I will wait and hope it arrives on GOG.

  9. I actually had an Atari Lynx back in the 90s and Chip's Challenge was one of the few games I owned for it.

  10. Awesome review! I remember a game from XP named Hyperbowling or something, do you know what game it is?

  11. Can't wait until tomorrow for the new vid LGR!keep it up with the great videos!

  12. Neat. I have found memories of the 1st. Hey LGR! Please could you help me find the name of a game you (i think) reviewed. It was a point and click game with cult members that you escaped by flushing yourself down a toilet. Please I'll be forever grateful. Ive watched all your reviews trying to find it….

  13. Have to say, I grew up playing this Chip's Challenge and wouldn't buy this now, maybe 15 years ago i would have, but not now. As for this "christian" company, bridgestone multimedia group, I have to say that it seems they are just using "christian"  as a label, or have no idea what it really means to be a christian. (many American Christians don't.)

  14. Hey LGR, have you ever played DROD (Deadly Rooms of Death)? It's kind of like this game but more modern and has some of its own twists. It also has a story. I think you might like it. It's on GOG.

  15. For some reason, i think a FPS version of this type of game, would be hilarious 😛 and really hold some potentiale. Flying around on conveyor belts and what not.

  16. I like it. The only fault you could have is with the small window and graphics being a bit behind the times, but it has to stay 2d. Making it 3d like chuck challenge just makes it awkward.
    I have chuck challenge and still prefer these graphics. Playing in a small window sucks and the graphics could be higher quality though. At the end of the day its about solving puzzles and this game does that well.

  17. When he mentioned it's on Steam I got interested and looked it up. By the time the video finished I purchased and downloaded it.This doesn't sound too special, but imagine telling that to your younger self in the 90's. We've come a long way.

  18. The story at the begining show that Christianism and companies don't mix too well.

  19. ive been playing this game a ton since I got it. Ive always liked puzzle games and played the first one though. Like these graphics over 3d.

  20. ahhh, I didn't know Chip's challenge was one steam, great video. Now I'm gonna sink hours into replaying chip's challenge

  21. A CHRISTIAN company acting like a greedy asshole? Why I never! Who would've ever imagined they'd do something like act like dicks in order to leech as much money from victims as possible? I guess they brought their religion in with them in their business.

  22. Christian company holding somebody's intellectual property ransom for money? Sounds pretty Christian to me. I hope the assholes get cancer and burn in hell.

  23. Usually I'd be laughing hard at any application that uses the default Microsoft MFC icon as its application icon but I think this is a special case. See for yourself at 2:10

  24. That's shit that those money grabbing ASSHOLE'S prohibited the game from coming out at the time.

  25. I really hope irony doesn't wash over the owners of Bridgestone Multimedia group as they burn in hell for their utterly selfish un-Christian business tactics.

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