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LGR – Commander Keen Dreams – DOS PC Game Review


Commander Keen: one of id Software’s greatest! Vorticons and Goodbye Galaxy! took the spotlight, but what of Keen Dreams? Check it out in this review of the platformer:

Commander Keen – Keen Dreams – Lost Levels

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  1. Wow amazing how low vid res can make you more conscious as far as nasal abnormalities go

  2. I've always wondered why he grabs a Xbox 360 controller in his old episodes when he always did PC game reviews.

  3. There must be a way to get more bombs (maybe by getting some and then dying to quit the level?) because I remember getting literally 100 once to take on the boss. It really felt like an epic final battle, too, since he was immune to regular weapons and seemed huge compared to the normal enemies.

    I always liked this game, and I never missed the pogo or the ledge-grabbing. It was a good challenge. Those crazed-looking veggies were really creepy to me at the time, though.

  4. I remember this one. A dos pc at a campground had this, Stunts, and Leisure suit larry (quality taste there) along with a ps1 with some NHL game and quake 2. It was a great time, and sometimes we were able to guess our way through the age check in Larry , but not being native english speakers, not to mention young, we had no idea how to play. We were able to get beer, and then get kiled in the alley (or something like that) but never much more than that.

  5. This. Keen dreams was my first real experience pc gaming.
    And the first game I ever got the within a year of its release…
    Out of two games. 😅.
    This old video just made my nose itch.

    I used to believe it was some kind of alpha version of the keen games they just released as sharware to be a nerfed ad.

  6. Never knew this existed. Probably for good reason.

    Which is weird because i grew up with commander keen. Where tf is the awesome music?

  7. Just bought the Switch version, good thing I never played the better sequels of this game, that's my first ever Commander Keen game so I'll never feel I missing the better features of the more popular CK games. The Switch version does offer background music, it's not exactly 4:05! But it's ok!

  8. Why there is a music menu even though it doesn't have music? Also, Sound blaster option is greyed out, even though I have a Sound blaster installed, not Adlib. Easily the worst Keen game, very hard and frustrating, though still somewhat enjoyable.

  9. Curiously this game is in the Switch Eshop, if you wish a portable version of this for some reason

  10. Vintage LGR! I came here as someone said Keen Dreams > the Goodbye Galaxy series. That person was wrong… wow… how come this game looks worse despite being newer?!

  11. This Game is Open source Now. Some guys bought it from (bankrupt) Softdisk and released it on Gihub.

  12. I don't know if this was referred but:
    KEEN DREAMS was a prototype for the Goodbye Galaxy, it was launched for free after KEEN 3 to test the reaction from gamers about the new graphics and engine.
    Obviously got high positive reviews on its time.

  13. This video is almost 10! Did you know a few years back a version of this was out on steam? By a company called hard disk instead of soft disk. Sadly it’s not for sale anymore. I heard rumours as to why. It was came out through green light on steam when that was a thing. Had steam achievements and a bunch of stuff fans asked for! Even could toggle on cga mode if you wanted

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