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LGR – Elf Bowling – PC Game Review


Somehow, Elf Bowling was once one of the most-played games around! As far as mainstream media was concerned, the big three in PC gaming were Doom, Quake… and Elf Bowling.

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“Bloxonius,” “Christmas Time 16”


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  1. I've been dying to find a full set of Nstorm free games but no luck. Archive.org doesn't give useful links all the time, most games require a registration which is impossible by now.

  2. Elf Bowling was a shitload of fun, I remember back in 2000 as a kid I would play it on my grandmother's PC.

  3. "…how do you feel about software that creates a secret electronic link between your computer and the software's home company when you start it up?"

    Wow… this used to be newsworthy.

  4. In the future, when kids in school learn about the history of technology and media, this channel will be part of the curriculum.

  5. With this crass thing released in 1999, I now fully understand how something as awful as Toonstuck was able to find success in the 90s as well, in spite of being painfully cringeworthy today.

  6. Here in Europe we had another game that was very popular in 1999/2000: Moorhuhn (Crazy Chicken). It was a promotional game (for Johnny Walker) so it was free to download. It's a simple shoot 'em up. Nearly everyone with a PC played it. They even made a cartoon series.

  7. Why have you reviewed that game 'Gruntz' ? Holy moly that was the thing back then. (i guess, lol) Is it possible though, to do it? :O

  8. Oh man, dat nostalgia. My uncle had this game and Elf Shuffleboard on his computer, I would play them for minutes every time we were at his house.

  9. Hey! This game existed for other people, too! For usually being so detailed, you left out showing that you can smash the animals in this review! And that you can kill the deer!

  10. does LGR use virtual os for these old games? I tried starting age of empires 1 on my win 10and when I pressed the help button the game minimised and directed me to a page saying I have problems with my windows help doesn't work

  11. I've never seen the collection of this before, though I do remember this game since I had a lot of those 10k games on 1 disc and it was on one of them. Oh boy did I have fun with crapware as a kid. xD

  12. By jove. The hours me and my cousins spent on this game…at least the first one.
    I didn't realize there was millions of sequels AND a movie.
    I remember frogapult as well. In fact, I think my grandparents got that game along with Elf Bowling. I never played it. For some reason, the frogs dying to the piranhas terrified me.

  13. holy crap, i never knew they even made anything other than the flash game. I had that thing on a 2 or 3 floppy disks, had to zip it and split the file up!

  14. I still play this game now! It's hilarious and I always remembered playing it when I went over to grandma's house on her old dinosaur of a computer!

  15. We should all go to santa tracker sites in summer just to confuse everyone, or christmas videos on youtube.

  16. man these game i still remember when i played it on my childhood days…..nice review as always…….

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