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LGR – Extreme Wintersports – PC Game Review


Ugh. Another game by Head Games, and this time it somehow performs even worse than the others I’ve reviewed.
“Too bad, dude. YOU LOSER.”

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  1. If I wanted product placement in my snowboarding game, I'd stick with SSX 3, thank you very much. drinks a decade old bottle of dnL

  2. Of course there's no AI characters. Every AI character that went to apply for this job took one look at the game and went "Um… I'll just apply to be in GTA. Sure I can die, but it won't kill my career."

  3. you know the sad thing is the big game hunter game they did wasnt to bad it wasnt as good as the other hunting sims at the time but it wasnt horrible like the other games.

  4. Please tell me I wasn't the only one that misread the title at first glance as "EXTREME WATERSPORTS"

  5. 1:57 Okay, it's understandable to encounter a T-pose through glitches, but when you literally pre-render someone striking a T-pose, that's something to be ashamed of! These devlopers are…losers!

  6. “How do these games keep getting worse?!” – Sir Clint Basinger, 2016. This quote is more relevant to the current gaming industry at large. Especially the 76 incident.

  7. Headgames – We have money for sponsors, but not talent, so using the term sports simulations isn't THAT far off.

  8. Some might say that having the female character snowboarding in her bra is sexist, but I say it's EXTREME!!!!

  9. Okay, but when do we get to see Extreme Bull Riding presented by Justin Boots? I NEED to see that one in action.

  10. I only came to comment that this game is exclusively at my dentist office so… that’s their market

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