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LGR – Far Cry Primal Review [PC]


The new Far Cry game takes place in 10,000 BC. And hey, you can ride bears and attack cavemen with bags of bees, so let’s see if it’s as good as it sounds!

Played and recorded on PC.

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  1. I played Far Cry 2 last week for 30 minutes and immediately uninstalled and sold my copy.
    Boring as hell.

    Are Far Cry 3, 4 and Primal any good?

  2. Ah, yes… A Happy Harry reference is always splendid. Glad to see you're familiar with that man's work as well, Clint 😀

    Also, great video. Keep them coming. This stuff has literally become my primary soulfood when I'm bummed.

  3. This is the first Far Cry Primal video that I've seen that isn't full of blocky compression artifacts from Youtube's encoding system. At least it's a lot better than most videos of it. Did you specifically pick out footage that looked good on Youtube, or did you use some special encoder settings?

  4. The atmosphere is great. I like it more than FC3/4

    Primal is different and it feels right. FC's core game design is a great fit for the prehistoric setting. If I had to complain about one thing, they should make a better combat mechanic. Something like Riddick/Condemned, maybe more refined, since it is a melee only game. I admit they got lazy there. I would also like some primal war screams or more voodoo dance quirky stuff around fire…. What can I say ? I only wish for a FC Primal 2 lol ! Beast mastering is so much fun.

    I know this is not a masterpiece, or a game that most people will like (given that no AK47's are included), but, there are people who actually enjoy the slower pace, the hunting and other stuff other people find tedious in other incarnations. This game had some truly amazing potential, the execution was fairly good, I'm enjoying it so far. I would recommend this game to gamers that like "walking simulator" games, but they want some action too. You can take in all the nature, wandering, hunting, and some times get into a good fight, up close and personal.

  5. I was actually doing a weird thing with my left hand and that scared the crap out of me!

  6. I just got done with the game on Xbox One. Holy crap, what an awesome (and beautiful) game. I'm actually impressed at the lengths they went through to make Oros believable, and honestly, the lack of an overbearing, sometimes preachy story was rather an asset to me, as I found the story in to be a non-intrusive experience as opposed to feeling like it's getting in the way. Honestly, I could go with more caveman-themed games.

    I will say that I'm not sure I agree about EVERYTHING in the previous Farcry games having a pre-historic analog. Yeah, the owl is clearly a set of binoculars (though you can completely fuck people up with them, which is different), but I was impressed by the lack of explosions in the game. Even the fire bomb isn't a concussive weapon the way a grenade is, and there really isn't a rocket launcher or anything of the sort. You also never have a flight/gliding option present itself, save for the one dream sequence with the owl. Honestly, the game feels positively restrained compared not only to FC2-4, but compared to much of the first-person action genre. I could go for more caveman games, quite frankly.

  7. Great review. But I am going to complain a bit….. I know they call them Saber-tooth Tigers in the game, but that is not their name. They are sabertooth cats. They are only related to tigers very distantly being a part of an entirely different subfamily in the Felidae than modern felines. I love the fact that they are in the game, but Smilodon was indigenous only to North and South America and not Europe. But they are Cats, not Tigers. Eusmilus was the type found in Eurasia and Africa and Nimravus were common in Europe, but they died out 22 Million years ago. They were much more Leopard like and are classed as something called false saber-toothed cats. I understand it's just a game, but I would love to see a game like this with area accurate species. There were some incredible animal species from the time period in Europe and Eurasia which could be in the game and make it just as interesting, if not more. Just look up Pleistoscene Megafauna. There are some crazy animals that went extinct. During the time the game takes place.

  8. It's funny you said it feels like a Flintstones world. I actually found a Flintstones car at the bottom of a lake in Far Cry Primal xD

  9. this is actually The first farcry game i have ever played so i cant compare but i think this game is amazing, Its like a more advanced hunting game with a lot of exploration and it also proves that you dont need super powered weaponry to have fun.

  10. Hehe, i thought i would try this game only if it had awesome story – no story, no buy. And i love how you mentioned stereotyped characters, i thought they were already painfull in Far Cry 4, but again… why far cry, you suppose to be choosen one, after third, which was super epic.

  11. @LGR, +1, yours was the best review, not lazy at all! And the other guys also said it played like Far Cry 3/4 in a different setting. But this would be my first Far Cry actually 🙂 It's on the Steam sale now, thought I'd get it. My only question is (from it being first person and console-first): does it play well with mouse+keyboard? I.e. I know it supports it, but some PC-also games just translate the controls and then it feels clunky. (Skyrim was a bit like that.)

  12. I absolutely love all the other farcry games in the series but this one just doesn't catch my eye. I keep thinking screw it ill try the game but watch videos and realize why I don't think I need it.

  13. Rust is the only game I could grind. And even that got the best of me and I haven't played in 4 months.

  14. I've never played a farcry game, which should I play? TBH I really wanna play primal because I like the hunter-gatherer theme most of all, but not if other versions are objectively much better.

  15. It's probably weird that Primal is the first of the Far Cry series I have played and I love it! even the slow parts gathering and grinding have their level of suspense like randomly getting attacked by snakes and packs of wolves. By far the best moment for me was taming a cave lion…….as a cat enthusiast I almost collapsed into my self with joy.

  16. The best Far Cry game thus far but suffers from the usual Far Cry problem- no replay vale and the game is done once you've finished it pretty much.

  17. This game either hit or miss for you. From my experience. Not a bad game overall and has plenty to do but there is a grind at times and it can get slightly repetitive.

    Nothing like Dark Souls or The Surge but those are entirely different games and both use it to influence difficulty…

  18. It was very hard to find a review that was actually fair and doesn't immediately shit on it (especially when it comes to games by Ubisoft) One that lists pros and cons instead of being super high praised or just considered by the reviewer trash. Thanks LGR!!

  19. This one looks like junk! Thanks for the review. I do have to disagree on Mad Max though. That game was amazing, and it never felt like I put in 50 hours to beat that one. Far Cry 4 was fun, but way too many side quests and other nonsense bogged that one down. Last good Far Cry was FC3, IMHO.

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