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LGR – Ford Simulator II – DOS PC Game Review


Adware has been around for ages and it wasn’t always malicious, and Ford Simulator 2 is one of the most intriguing and classic examples of games made simply to advertise. It may not be Forza 3 but it’s worth a look. Check out the CGA game FordSim2 in this review of:

Ford Simulator v2 for MS-DOS

Made using DosBox, unfortunately. Couldn’t get the video out on my old machine to input to my capture device. So goes technology.

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  1. Wow, I had Ford Simulator 1, not 2. I was wondering why it looked different. Ford Simulator 1 was actually better in every way, and you had a shitload of cars to choose from, on top of different tracks as well.

  2. Some time has passed since you made this review. I may have agreed with you im 2009 about that era of cars and the digital showroom. Now i really appreicate the late 80'e and early 90's cars and that pixel art digital showroom oozes with retro coolness. Agree?

  3. …..who would have though back then, that those semi-trucks in the game were actually a true life animation (for warning those in the know) of the trucks taking supplies for the Illuminati… heading to the underground bunkers to drop there loads off and then to re-appear from behind he back of various closed Walmart stores involved in the preparation of the alien attack, which was code named Jade Helm.

  4. paired with Prodigy or Delphi you could probably have ordered a car for delivery with this interface. The future!!

  5. The irony of these advertisement games, is that the demographic playing the game, are to young to own a car.

  6. I have the second floppy disk for this game but not the first so I can't play it. Do you know any places online where I can download it? (I know you have it on floppy not online but whatever)

  7. The sound that it makes when driving sounds like the amp that Marty McFly was using before he blew it out.

  8. I. hate. dos. programs. that. don't. let. you. exit. I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO RESTART MY COMPUTER OR RESTART DOSBOX ARGHHH

  9. Just a few videos away from clearing your DOS playlist, its been one hell of an insightful and entertaining experience so far. Good to see you are (and hopefully still) a BoC fan as well.

  10. SC is indeed the Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe. It had a supercharged V6. It put out 225 hp, quite a bit for the time as we were still gun shy about making cars that had rip-your-face-off acceleration. Unfortunately, being a Thunderbird, after the engineers design a really nice speedster to recall the days of the 57 Tbird, marketing weighed it down with "conveniences" that were not wanted by anyone who wanted a Tbird.

    That caused its performance to droop. 61 mph in a quarter mile is about the best it could do.

    So, most people at the time opted for a Mustang, instead.

    Ford as a result of this mistake cancelled the Thunderbird. ..a line that outlasted any other model. And, because marketing people are easy at selling (themselves) and engineers aren't, Ford canned the entire engineering team who worked on it.

  11. This looks like they took the worst parts of Street Rod II without the actual buying cars, upgrading them, racing, and crashing.

  12. We had the Macintosh version of this on our Mac Classic when I was a kid. It was basically the same except in black and white and some of the sounds and music were better.

  13. This actually paints a pretty good picture of the automotive innovations of the time.

  14. You got to admit though, 90s Ford trucks (especially the diesels) were sexy. :^)

    Also where can I find a copy of this game? Been searching for months on eBay and couldn't find any of the Ford Simulators.

  15. this reminded me of a street racing sim i played that wouldve been about this same time. i dont remember it having colors but there were lots of muscle cars and you could customize your car by finding better parts and engines in the newspaper. you raced the computer and won money which is how you purchased the better parts. cant remember what the title was tho.

  16. I had a '92 Mercury Cougar that had the same steering wheel and analog gauge cluster. The trans went, then the master cylinder, and it ultimately turned into a Flintstone mobile after being left outside for four PA winters. It was a damn nice car though and I wouldn't mind having it back. The car in the game is a Thunderbird Super Coupe, which I also have a soft spot for.

  17. Oh god, I had a 91' Probe GT V6.
    TERRIBLE car! Transmission was made of glass. Always broken. Everything else was mediocre at best

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