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LGR – H.U.R.L. – DOS Personal computer Video game Overview


A disgusting DOOM clone that swaps blood & gore for farts & rubbish… just charming! Identify the world’s stolen panties in this evaluate of:


Download the whole recreation in this article!

Played on a 486-66.

The target of these videos is to see how swift I can crank out a evaluate immediately after a extended working day at work, with about a person minute opinions primarily based on a recreation or theme of game titles (this a person is a solitary recreation, HURL, for the MS-DOS OS).


  1. So we don't want to train our children to be blood thirsty killers…So instead lets make an FPS with gross potty humor.  PERFECT LOGIC.

  2. I'd love to help but I've got to stay here and shampoo my kangaroo……well I know what my new excuse is

  3. Surprised nobody noticed this, but what kind of mobile home, or any home for that matter has sliding grocery store doors?

  4. I have to admit. When I saw this video back in 2010, I instantly subscribed to this channel. Your humor and love for the classic PC games brought me to find my favorite series on the system. From your humble beginnings, I'm glad to see your show improve as the years go on. Thanks for the enjoyable experience and keep on rolling with your (Not so) Lazy Game Reviews.

  5. Speaking of Redneck Rampage, you really gotta do a review on that sometime. I loved it as a kid, but I haven't played since.

  6. In a little more than 3yrs it will be a decade since this episode, I love the fact that even as of today your reviews are the best out there and haven't sold out (joking of course). I wish you & Kim all the best for the future and I Thank You for LGR!

  7. Holy shit, I remember this game. My friend had it. The deodorant is what triggered the memory for me. Can't say I remember enjoying it, though.

  8. Oh yea! I noticed that Comanche 4! You must take a look at it some day.. I played the hell out of that!

  9. I know this review is super old and someone might have already mentioned this, but No One Lives Forever 2 has a really awesome trailer park level, complete with a tornado ripping through it.

  10. This is driving me crazy. I went through your video library and I was 100% sure I had watched all your reviews. But now a bunch of the old ones started popping up on my feed and, such as this one, I've never seen them before. How did I miss them?

  11. When I was a kid my friends and I all had this game and we all thought it was AMAAZIIINGGGG even though we couldn't get past like the 2nd level lmfao

  12. Hah I remember this one a buddy had it and I forgot the name. Been looking around for ages thanks for uploading!

  13. That's… a kangaroo? LIES!
    I like the look of this game. It's very much it's own thing, and had I found it back in those days, I would have certainly got a kick out of it. It's a real shame the control is so bad, because it honestly looks interesting enough to play through. I love the character design on those ducks and pigs. Too bad you didn't get to the litter throwing kitties from the artwork (assuming they are in there, since the litter is referenced on the back of the case as well).

    Great review, another good video. Thanks for all your work. 🙂

  14. have to say… ur videos are very underdoggish, very good and informative, similar to ashens ur videos are timeless and very similar from 08 to 16. u deserve many more subs

    also, request: do touhou pc98

    even if u dont… cheers m8, keep it up, ethan great work!

  15. Man, it's hard to believe you've been around for 7 years. This was the video I first discovered you with. There was a re-release of this game called "Slob Zone 3D" and I wanted to know what in the hell that was and google brought me here. lol. 'Grats on being on YouTube nearly a decade!

  16. "It is the summer time and that means… nothing"
    those intros are so nostalgic, fam. I can also identify with that kind of lifestyle, i dont know why i should have fond memories over sitting to play on an old computer with food besides me like some nerd, but i do. I have been following your stuff since i found the depth dwellers review and let me say that you are one of the few people that truly do justice to PC gaming back in the day and even today, your videos have slowly but surely gone from top to god tier, and it has been a truly enjoyable ride from the start to this point, keep up with the good work, man!

    Also adlib, i also love it. Specially the Tyrian soundtrack.

  17. dang, I'm really enjoying the, I dunno, "color balance" of this game? It looks like they put a lot of time into the art! Everything as a great bright feel to it, reminds me of Day Of The Tentacle color schemes

  18. I don't know what it is about this game but it just seems so comforting and nice. It has the tone of a Christian game without all the scripture.

  19. Ah yes back when discovery wasn't important and spoilers was as common as stolen underwear. That old computer reminds me of the laptop at where I work. They still have a windows xp and boy it's nostalgic to put in my usb and play old dos games on it

  20. Never played the original but played the re-release called Slob Zone 3D. It was one of those annoying yet fun games I loved as a kid. 😛

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